Green Thumb Project

Green Thumb Project

 Bozeman, Montana, USA
BandHip Hop

we make feel good head shop music twisted with a rugged style and corporate stoner appearance for the connoisseur smoker.


Green Thumb Project:

Da Kind AkA Born Rich owner and operator of Raised Broke Entertainment, has been writing verses for almost twelve years with over one hundred and seventy songs under his belt and still writing/recording daily, his partner Zadkeil has been dabbling around with music for almost five years and is progressing like a true natural and their DJ has been at the tables for about 4 years now still cuttin it up with original funk sounds! together They form Green Thumb Project! Collectively They have twenty plus tracks of pure stonerism support by many local businesses, Head shops, Care Givers, Local Glass Blowers as well as SeedleSs Clothings, trident glass, Galaxy Glass, Satori Movement and a few other people i know I'm forgetting.


I released "Born Rich-Raised Broke" the mixtape April of 09 on both the internet (i-tunes, amazon, napster, etc...) and as a full length CD. has a few current tracks.

Set List

I have more songs than i can count. I'll play anything any time any place.