Green Typewriters

Green Typewriters

 Denver, Colorado, USA

pop avant-garde, bright, catchy, dark, rock-n-roll, basic, messy,


GREEN TYPEWRITERS is Jared and Gioja Lacy.
We began playing shows in Greeley, CO, shortly after getting married in the summer of 2007.
For most of the past two and a half years we have been a three piece band--we have recently scaled down to two. This line up change has forced us to evolve and adapt our music and our live presentation. The result has given us a fresh perspective and gotten us more excited than ever about the road ahead of us.

"Their songs are dark circus corners and the torn seams of the sideshow tent – they are oddly jovial but somehow always chasing the monstrous, the misshapen or the unknown." - Denver Syntax, issue 19


Greetings From The Furthest Reaches Of The Galaxy! 08/09

Tiny Space Creature single 01/10

Feel Something Else E.P. 02/10

Dream Machine 02/10

Mother Earth 02/10

Oxo! 02/10

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Set List

Blood blood
locked up in or (milk)
Tiny Space Creature
Yippity Dino
Wooden Ox
Ghost-Cat Confetti is so punk rock
set 30-40 minutes
All songs by Green Typewriters