Green View Circle

Green View Circle


Lyric and melody driven high energy Rock and Roll with unique guitar hooks. Our songs will stick in your head throughout the day and night.


I'm a sucker for a great voice. When it's attached to a great much the better. Green View Circle, from Tulsa, provide avid listeners with the complete package: great vocals (lead and back-up), intelligent catchy lyrics and music that ranges from gentle to stand up and take notice. Toe tapping might be an out of date expression, but I find my foot swinging or my fingers drumming each time I listen.

The bands' influences are vast and varied. With some bands this leads to a muddled and unclear sound. Fortunately this is not the case on "Supercharged Fascinations and the Fabric of Space". Lead singer Dustin Storm and lead guitarist Cartwright list the fantastic Jeff Mangum and his Neutral Milk Hotel project as a favored listen, while the rhythm section made up of the DeLeon brothers, Carlos & Tony, cite punk and alternative rock favorites the Pixies and NOFX. Pull them all together and you have a great merging of sounds, textures and levels of intensity. It's the intensity that makes this album so memorable. You don't have to be loud to be intense. These songs won't make your eardrums bleed, but your heart might.

Mallie Dein
South of Mainstream
Genre: Progressive Rock
Released: 2003
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Fabric of Space

Written By: J Dustin Storm

I think that's it's time to stop and reconstruct..
these optical illusions are throwing me off...
and gravity is pushing me into the
my curcuitry is shot it's time to shut it down...
I'm rechargable at times but not this time around...
days like satellites going 'round and 'round...
I know I know I can get through this change...
A flashlight on my hand reminds me that I can...
see right thtough myself time and time again..
see right through myself I'm only paper thin come in...
I've got shrapnel in my skin from where I let you in...
spirals in my eyes and all these great ideas...
a hypnotist at times just for times like this I missed.
closed my eyes and tried and tried to be realistic this time...break the surface and shine and break the silence...dedicating all this waiting...I have waited so long that I can see through this wall like an x-ray...
it's a mixed up messed up scientific lie...there's nothing outside nothing but the sky...there's no password here noone makes it out alive...tidal waves can come and tidal waves can go...I can take a crashing wave and take the a city underneath where everyone should meet again.


Sleepwalking with an Umbrella EP- March 2002
Supercharged Fascinations and the Fabric of Space LP- July 2003. You can buy the CD at

MP3's available at

Set List

Typical set ranges from 60-90 minutes
1. Laughter Through a Telescope
2. I Overreacted in '96 or '97
3. A.W.O.L. is the Better Part of Valor
4. Puzzles
5. Recreating the 4th of July
6. Decisions and Gravity
7. Fabric of Space
8. Listening Pt. 3
9. Sleep (and it will go away)
10. Plead
11. God is a 2 a.m. Dream
12. Prelude to View in Key of A
13. Little Bitty Mouse
14. Two Years
15. Postcard Dated in '96 or '97
16. Magnetic Poetry