We're three songwriters and close friends who've decided to combine our music into a band. You could describe us as folk, pop, indie rock, alternative, but we can't really agree on a label that fits. We love tight harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, and lyrics that mean something.


Colleen was the missing peice to a long overdue collaboration between me (Evan) and Brad. We'd been talking about it for years but it wasn't until we both met Colleen at seperate times and places that it all came together. At the first band meet, we recorded Cameo, which still stands as one of our best songs. After we realized we had something magical, we started recording more and more. Before long we had ten Greeward songs. The name, by the way, has nothing to do with eco-friendliness, but that's not to say we aren't environmentally friendly..cause we are. What we were trying to convey was our burning desire to go back to the days of yore when we were young, and everything was new and wonderful. So in otherwords we wanted to un-ripen, or head greenward.
Anyway, we've played a couple show's now but but want to show our music to more than just our friends and family. We want to get out there in the magical land of music.



Written By: Evan Webb

Don't look so long into my eyes,
unless you mean what they describe.
Is your head in my head? Are you snooping around it?
Are you asking yourself if I fit right, within all the shapes you've organized.
So what's the verdict already? Do you want to go steady?

Do I make an appearance in your mind? A cameo with a single line? I wanna say the right thing. I'll get my writers writing.
Is the future in or out of my hands? Could I still have you if I took a chance? So tell me lady, is it even a maybe?

We're together in my dreams, where I'm asking you: "Is this only a dream?" And you say "no it's true".

The world is in love with you.
How can I compete with it?

Time takes the sting out of stung, but my heart still strains from the poison. And I like that feeling, but I think it's leaving.

The world is in love with you.
How can I compete with it?


Nothing other than the fake album names we've made up over the course of a year. We have tracks on our myspace, facebook profile and reverbnation profile.

Set List

One Way Out
Polka Dots
Now Playing
Executioner's Tale
New Clear Winter
We've Got the Bomb
Sweet Sixteen
Alien Cities
Night is Everything
Zak and Sara (Ben Folds)
In an Aeroplane over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel)
Random Mates of State cover
Maybe a beatles cover.

Set length: 1-1.5 hours