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Green Wood Entertainment Group

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GWEG works as the liazon between the industry and the label. We Strive to bring the best services to a label that there money can buy. From Distribtuion , To manufacturing , to the studio,To the production GWEG can asst the label, for example a label can give us a budget of $30k and we can create the project,Manufactuer the project and then get the project distribution.

our services
Distribution: GWEG can get labels distribution thru 3 of the top indie-Distributors in the world(our biggest being Koch Distribution) we can get the label a good solid deal depending on the project being distributed.
Radio serviceing & Music tracking: Gweg can service your single to the top radio stations in the states(Top 40,RnR,Clear Channel,Radio-one,Citidale,P1,P2,and college stations.) We will also music track your single to get you on the Bds and RnR charts.
Promotions: We have a outsource of the best promotional companies in the industry from graphics to web designs.(Album covers,web sites,myspace pages,etc)
Video: We can also build you a music video,promotional video, you tube video, or even create you a documentary dvd.
Production: Need Beats or engineering or mastering GWEG has the best producers and engineers to fit your budget.
Managment: GWEG also has a management Service . to manage artist and labels.
Consultant: GWEG has top project managers to help consult you thru your career.
Manufacturing: We Can beat any price manufacturing a cd,dvd, flyers,posters,etc