Greetings play energetic 'European' music with witty lyrics and a driving reggae dancehall-inspired rhythm section. They are recording a debut single this summer at the all-analogue Toast Recordings and have spent the last year tearing Manchester stages and dancefloors apart.


Some nice things people have said recently:

'great guitar work'
MARTIN BRAMAH, The Fall/ The Blue Orchids

‘for my money they’ve got their priorities absolutely right, the song is banged down on a clapped out old pc, there are duff notes all over the places and it all sounds rough and ropey. But what makes it come alive is the spirit of the thing, just beautifully put together with a great feel, funny lyrics and complete charm...that is a band we’re going to be hearing more of over the next year’

'Greetings are a five piece from Lancaster, and churned out some superb tunes, despite lead vocalist Alex Solo's confession that his voice was "a bit strained". He wasn't lying. Nevertheless, Greetings gave some truly funky bluesy beats, and Solo's unique growly vocals carried well in River Styx, the band's opener, and In Amongst the Tumbleweed which is a personal favorite of mine, incorporating well managed tempo changes and an almost grungy theme. Elements of soul came across in Here I Am, demonstrating the band's versatile, almost genre-less skills. Solo explained some of the motives behind the band's songs, which range from train hopping for no fare to word wars with London MCs - things we can all relate to...


Greetings (Manchester, UK) - Despite their friendly sounding name, Greeting’s newest track ‘Young Professionals’ provides a stark warning to those considering a staid materialistic existence (involving lever arch files and handjobs). For a band formed only a couple of years ago it’s tracks like this that fool you into believing they have in fact been around for many many years, honing their skiffle-esq blues skills. Songwriter and lead singer Alex Solo’s live performances are a pleasure to watch with his perfectly tuned growls complimented by an incredibly talented bunch of Manc. musicians. This writer would very much like to see them release the aforementioned ‘Y.P.’ along with their perfectly guitar picked runaway train of a song Boxcar, in the meantime get acquainted.



Here I Am (home demo) TOM ROBINSON 6music airplay 2011

Set List

6-12 amazing songs.