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Greg Drummond

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Folk Americana





Listening to Greg Drummond’s recently released album Drive is akin to dancing in a barn after a lengthy overnight road trip. Rhythmic and surprisingly distinguishable for the indie-folk genre, Drive takes listeners up melodic mountains and down soulful streams, playing their heartstrings like a violin.

A perfect album for a long drive (as the album title and opening track suggest), Drummond paints with his surpassingly beautiful voice on the canvas that is the layered and heartwarming musicality embodied by brass, string and percussive elements.

Drummond seems to be poised on the cusp of something great, with tracks that are both familiar and fresh wrapped in a melancholic attitude. It is almost certainly the vocality that draws me into the album, as it beckons me to take a summer drive through the prairies with the windows rolled down. With a deep and expressive voice taking over their ears, listeners are hypnotized in a summery haze, enraptured by its fluidity and tonal quality.

With tracks like Against the Sun and Singing a Song taking a laid-back approach against the up-beat and boot-stomping Lily and Our Time is Now, the album has superb dynamic range. How any country loving listener could be emotionally removed from this album is a mystery to me. It is an album that demands the attention of my dancing boots as it connects with my soles. Listeners should definitely keep their ears open for tracks such as Drive, Our Time is Now, and Man on the Hill. They are distinct gems in a barrel of rubies, treasures in a sea of gold. I can only look forward to what Drummond creates next, for I am sure it will be full of the sincerity and beauty I have heard in this album. Truly an album to curl up with next to a campfire, while being the most agreeable backseat driver. - Geyser Music

"Greg Drummond - Drive"

If you’re looking for a whole-hearted folk rock album to get you through the day, then look no further! Greg Drummond’s latest album, Drive, is a luscious account of sleepless nights and drinking alone as told in a soulful voice. I imagine it would sound similar to a mixture of City and Colour with Mumford and Sons.

The album begins with the title track, “Drive.” It sort of eases you into the rest of the album. It’s quite calm, but you can feel it building up as if it’s gearing up for something. I especially like the appearance of a female vocalist as well.

A great addition to the release is the fourth track, titled “Jasper.” It’s a delightful little instrumental. The song is light and twinkly with a good back beat to it. I keep expecting Drummond to start singing at some point, but instead it carries on so peacefully. Unlike most instrumentals on albums, it continues on for almost an entire four minutes which is a great pleasure.

One of the songs that showcase the split personality of this album is “Quarter by the Phone.” It’s an upbeat number. I can picture it being sung in a bar between a group of friends. Ironically, the song is about drinking alone and then calling someone you miss while intoxicated; I’m sure many people can relate to the experience. But instead of being sad, the song seems to lift the spirits.

Greg Drummond has done a fantastic job of disguising some darker-sounding lyrics with an optimistic attitude and some beautiful folk rock music. Listening to this album is guaranteed to make you feel. It could be happiness, or sadness, but you’ll definitely be inspired.

Written by: Ingrid Borges - The Permanent Rain Press


Walking Man (2011)
Drive (2015)



"Greg has an easy and effortless way with a melody and a hook. He’s a natural troubadour, and his songs will get inside your head and have you humming long after you hear them."

– Pablo Pietropaolo, CBC Radio 2

Straddling the genres of Canadiana and orchestral folk-rock, Greg Drummond employs the penetrating warmth of hollow-bodied guitars, horns and mandolins to carve out a sound that is uniquely his own.

In his latest and largely self-produced sophomore record, "Drive" (2015), Drummond embarks on a compelling exploration through the themes of redemption, companionship, struggle and perseverance, with dynamic instrumentation that transports the audience through the majestic, ambient expanse of B.C.'s wilderness, to the thumping pulse of a wharf pub on the coast of Newfoundland.

"'Drive' is definitely one of those albums that takes you to another place, and you just can't help but love every second of it."

– Canadian Beats

Since his debut release in 2011, Greg's music has garnered acclaim and continued support from the industry, including: CBC Searchlight Top 10, FACTOR Canada, The Peak Performance Project Top 20, and The Shore 104.3FM Best of BC Award.

After spending much of 2015 touring Western Canada, this year Greg is looking forward to taking his latest album back on the road and generating support out East, as well as internationally.

The uplifting punch of his show is not to be understated. Drummond's music evokes in the audience the spirit that it captures so well: epic celebration, wistful reflection, and a tender yearning for hearth and good company.

His repertoire has been tailored to suit a wide range of spaces; from a solo or duo acoustic act, to a swelling 8-piece ensemble. And with well-honed skill sets in composition and sound engineering, Greg is also a versatile asset in-studio, which has also yielded him greater control in crafting the remarkably distinct soul and tone of his music.

The succession from his initial release of "Walking Man" to "Drive" is aptly representative of his journey as an artist. In 2010, resolved to cultivate a passionate career in music, Greg chose to leave the security of a monotonous corporate lifestyle. Through disciplined efforts and pure grit, he has since proven himself to be a valuable contribution and pioneer in the legacy of Canadian music.

Growing up on the West Coast of B.C., Drummond has always drawn inspiration from the outdoors and the experience of life as he moves through them. This sensitivity serves him well while touring on the road; a process that has continued to fuel the evolution of his songwriting and creative process.

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