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Greg Halpin

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Folk Acoustic


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"NXNE Night #4: Schomberg Fair, Heartbeat Hotel, HONHEEHONHEE and more"

On our NXNE set at El Mocambo:

I never could decide on a way to pronounce HONHEEHONHEE’s name until I finally saw them live last night. I’ve been hearing things about this band for a while now — I missed their last show at Rancho — and I can now say that the hype is for real. Their set at the El Mo was intense, energetic and catchy. Their songs are pretty quirky, they smash together indie-pop-orchestra style songwriting with oddball art arrangements. It totally works though, and the band seemed to be having a great ol’ time up there. Definitely check them out tonight at Rancho Relaxo if you’re reading this and have time to run over there. - Two Way Monologues


They may not be animals – at least by their own admission – but Montreal rock quintet Honheehonhee are definitely ready to totally destroy every venue they step foot in. The iM caught up with this gang of monsters during NXNE, and we can honestly say they were a shining discovery we hadn’t anticipated – expect big things from them in the future. - The Indie Machine

"Sled Island Festival program blurb"

HONHEEHONHEE will be your new favourite discovery from Montreal. Seriously. The five piece bring infectious energy to their fun indie pop, and their live show is sure to be a must-see. - Sled Island

"Praise for Honheehonhee"

"My new favourite Montreal band, HONHEEHONHEE. I haven`t liked a band out of Montreal this much since Parlovr! And I am predicting a similar career arc for this fantastic indie-rock band. They play soaring indie-rock with pop sensibilities and wicked use of electro elements throughout. Just trust me, this is a band you need to get into, like yesterday." -Dan Wolovick, booker at Rancho Relaxo - Dan Wolovick

"Call & Response: Honheehonhee"

Honheehonhee make music with reckless abandon. It's fun, brash and insanely enjoyable...If there's any justice in the music world, they'll need no introduction this time next year.

On HONHEEHONHEE's single, "A. Is For Animal" (From The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Nov. 24-30, 2010):

“‘This is a great song’…’I love the vocals at the end’…‘its just so catchy…it really, really jumped out at me’”
- Midnight Poutine

"Listen to the First Single from Honheehonhee's 'Shouts'"

On HONHEEHONHEE's single, “A. Is For Animal:

“The song starts out with a little '80s synth pop before giving to the rythm section, guitar and vocals, and pretty much rocks from there. Pop/rock it is, with a decent blend of keyboard and guitar riffs with some falsetto vocalizing thrown in.”
- altInterstate


“Innovative might be the first word to strike you when taking a first listen, but it does not feel strange. Thinking out side of the box is one way of saying it, but starting a sound revolution may be another…They have only released a couple of songs for their forthcoming album, Shouts, but it makes you want more. Their single "A. Is for Animal" is an uplifting and energizing rock song that gets the music fan hooked on the first verse. There is really something to wait for on their new album. HONHEEHONHEE is an interesting band taking off in an interesting world.” - The Independent Music Scene

"From The Corner Comes...HONHEEHONHEE"

I spy with my little eye a droll merriment offered by Honheehonhee of fun things to find in their new video, We Only Go. The Montreal indie pop band is trying to break out of the incognito, and slowly win a following track by track. With no tangible album to their name (as of yet), the quintet constructs a happy whirr of melodies. For the curious, the ones who strictly endeavour to chase all things underground, download a free copy of A. Is for Animal on Bandcamp or catch a show in the pipeline in May. Other than that you can resort to patiently waiting for an album by playing along and spotting the rolly-polly Australian Shepherd, a potty mouth, and six hundred and forty teeth. - Corner Shop Studios

"Le Terminus Podcast - Émission no 23"

“Une groupe anglo-montréalais qui devrait faire parler de lui en 2011” - Le Terminus

"The Midnight Poutine Podcast - Nov. 24-30, 2010"

On HONHEEHONHEE's single, "A. Is For Animal":

“‘This is a great song’…’I love the vocals at the end’…‘its just so catchy…it really, really jumped out at me’” - Midnight Poutine


“Honheehonhee take an indie-rock trip along the edges of heaviness. A little bit epic, a little bit emo, a dash of pop, a sprinkle of nouveau-broadway. Freddie Mercury meets Death Cab.” - POP Montreal

"New Idols: Honheehonhee"

It’s been a while since AGCS checked it’s messages, and so it was a pleasant surprise this Monday to find, in amongst the usual uninspiring press releases for bands who sound “a bit Kings Of Leon” [DELETE!], that Montreal band Honheehonhee had got in touch. I can’t say I’d heard of them before, but I checked out free download A. Is For Animal and liked what I heard, and found more to like over at their Myspace in Rumours In The New Morgue and epic forthcoming single We Only Go. - A Girl Called Sam

"This Week In Leaks and Releases"

On HONHEEHONHEE's single, "A. Is For Animal":

"Apparently this (unsigned) band have only been together for ‘a matter of months’ and hail from Montreal. If they’ve already managed to create something as perfect as ‘A. is for Animal’ in that short time, it’s pretty exciting to think what they might do in the future…It starts all electronically, beep bleepy and stuff, then goes into powerpop overload. Great stuff."

- Letters Have No Arms

"Song of the Week – HONHEEHONHEE – A. is for Animal"

On HONHEEHONHEE's single, "A. Is For Animal":

“A. is for Animal is the first single off their upcoming album, Shouts and is a stand out in today’s music scene. From the opening synths to the Bowie-esque ending with the same synth line, the song puts no note wrong. The vocals are perfect, nice clear tones and perfect phrasing enhancing the meter of the lyrics. I also love the way the drums play with the beat, first hanging back and then driving the song forward. The staccato plucking of the guitar halfway through magnifies the suspenseful aura of the whole sound… I haven’t felt this excited about a new release since getting the new release of another favourite band of mine, Eatliz” - awmusic

"Video Hits: Honheehonhee, Dirty Beaches, White Wires & More"

One of my favorite songs from the last couple months is A. Is For Animal by Montreal band Honheehonhee. So it’s exciting news to hear that the band has a full length on the way this summer (Shouts), and a new video out now for the album’s lead track We Only Go. The video features a group of folks playing tackle Ultimate in their skivvies, on a snow covered field. Sounds like a nutty premise at first, but upon reflection, I just might strip down to my drawers for a chance to Chuck Cecil some of the dudes I’ve seen playing Ultimate. Anyway, great song, fun video, that’s a win-win right there.

*Another article by Herohill, "Friday Fun: Honheehonhee":

Honheehonhee sent us their new single A. Is For Animal the other day, and when we were discussing it, the Ack said “it starts out weird, but then it gets good”. And it does indeed get good, very good in my humble. The weird bit is some lazer-ry like synths that serve as the opener, and I’m a fan of those, but the song has all kinds of goodness: plenty of big guitars, a catchy chorus that invites singing along, the aforementioned synths running throughout the track, and plenty of falsetto. Fact: falsetto makes every Friday funner...So there you have it, Honheehonhee, bringing the fun on multiple levels. They’re also bringing a new album called Shouts this spring and are planning a summer tour, so keep an eye out for more Honheehonhee very soon. I certainly will be. - Herohill

"Free download of the day: Honheehonhee"

Free download of the day in Montreal Gazette’s “Words & Music” blog (Basem Boshra, Dec. 14 2010) - The Montreal Gazette


Notes From a Bedroom (spring 2015)



Greg Halpin has played in a few bands.  Most notably Honheehonhee and Lakes of Canada (in which he still plays).  He also makes millions of dollars busking in the montreal metro and has been writing solo acoustic songs for a long time but has recently decided to start performing them on stage.  He is presently working on recording these songs with Howard Bilerman.  Some fruits of this labour should be available in the spring of 2015.  Greg loves connecting to people by singing and dancing and playing guitar.

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