Greg Baird: Hear Me Out! "Celebrating Diversity, Acceptance & Community"
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Greg Baird: Hear Me Out! "Celebrating Diversity, Acceptance & Community"

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
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Hear Me Out by Greg R. Baird columnist
Saturday 01 June 2013
June has arrived and that means we are now celebrating Gay Pride month. I am wondering what that means for so many of us. I am writing this after a very sad and disappointing day in Springfield, IL yesterday in what should have been a vote for marriage equality. It has left our community completely frustrated and angry as we now ask... what's next? We seem to get closer all the time to securing our equal rights that we can't give up. It is not the end of our work in the LGBTQ community; it is merely a continuation of the struggle. The failure of the Religious and Marriage Fairness Act is a setback. I really believe this is an example of why our country must have the Supreme Court rule in favor of full marriage equality so that current and future families are not left fighting, but living and loving their lives as they want and should. - Greg R. Baird,

"An Interview with Greg Baird"

I hope to open hearts and minds to diversity and acceptance......... - Joyce Crosby, Q-View Northwest, Spokane, WA

"A Gay In the Life"

Greg Baird is a public speaker, but he's far from a company spokesman. He's also a filmmaker, but not at all a Hollywood magnate ( not yet anyway ) . And, he's an actor and playwright but you probably won't find him on Broadway. The truth is that Greg Baird is a pretty average guy. But, once he takes the stage, his message is anything but ordinary: "Be the voice of change in your life." They are words he lives by every day, as he travels the country, speaking to students, teachers, community groups and the like about the importance of coming out; embracing diversity; and understanding the nexus of hate crimes in America. - John Fenoglio, Windy City Tines, Chicago, IL

"A speaker that had everyone on the edge of their seat!"

Greg has a lot of wisdom, and knowledge that governs his ways. He is the ideal guy for gay youth to turn to, and for straight youth to listen to. I respect his wishes to help. He is a great guy. His stories were funny. They brought us to understand what it's really like to be in his shoes. His whole family history was important to include, to bring the audience to an overall understanding for each situation he was faced with. Everyone was on the edge of their seat - ME. Engle, North Central Michigan College, Petoskey, MI

"A message this community will not forget!"

Clarity, humor and honesty are keys to success for any presenter. Your presentation reflected these qualities and I wholeheartedly thank you for presenting your wonderful lecture; Coming out with Courage and Humor at McHenry County College. I truly appreciated the courage you displayed in speaking honestly about your experiences and the leadership you exuded by challenging all of us to stand up for the very basic human rights of all individuals. It was a message we will not soon forget. - Roger Moreano, Coordinator of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs McHenry County College C

"Great lecturer and loved the storytelling style that hits home with everyone"

Over the years, we have hosted several GLBT speakers here in Laramie, but Greg certainly stands out from the crowd. His story-telling presentation style was quite refreshing, and kept the audience interested. It felt like a conversation instead of a lecture, making many feel more welcome and willing to interact with Greg. He blended together powerful stories of his own experience with current facts on legislation and politics. He is informative, touching and approachable. He is engaging and dynamic, using multimedia to enliven his presentation. Above all, Greg is unflinchingly human, and this comes across so clearly as he speaks. He doesn't talk to the audience, he talks with them. - Jim Osborn, Assistant to the Associate VP for Diversity University of Wyoming

"Greg's lecture is a call to action in all communities"

Greg's message is two fold. If you are a member of the gay community it's a call to action. For those not in the gay community it's an non-threatening, yet emotional invitation for understanding, compassion and acceptance. His invitation is for his audience to share their stories. Greg is a speaker that has an effect long after he is done speaking. - Bradley Thomas, Educator/Entertainer, Chicago, IL

"Powerfull and goes the extra mile for the students!"

Greg Baird's entertaining and moving talk powerfully affected both the gay and heterosexual audience at Morehead State University. Using his own coming out story, Greg models what it looks like to be self-actualized in a gay identity, as well as stressed the importance of being an ally. Our ALLYance students were particularly excited that Greg visited with them for three hours after his talk. A generous, gifted, and funny speaker with a social justice message, I highly recommend bringing Greg Baird to your campus! - Bernadette Barton, Associate Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies, Morehead State University

"One of the best speakers out there!"

Greg has a great message that is valuable to everyone, no matter your sexual orientation. If everyone had the passion that Greg has to raise the awareness and acceptance of the LGBT community, the world would be a greater place. Greg did an awesome job and is by far one of the best LGBT speakers, out right now. If the issue has anything to do with LGBT you need Greg there! - Darius White University Board - Cultural Arts CoordinatorZeta Nu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraterni

"Awesome Lecture!"

The Athletics director said you were “great,” and all feedback on your lecture was positive. I thought it was an energetic address on bullying, diversity, the LGBTQ community and acceptance based on both experience and research. It not only held the attention of a diverse audience, but more importantly educated our students and student-athletes alike. I thought it was well worth the legwork, which you and Bass-Schuler Entertainment made extremely easy through consistent, open communication. I’d recommend Greg Baird to any student affairs practitioners looking to educate on the topics of anti-bullying and LGBTQ awareness. - Ryan McCarthy, Sports Information Director Lesley University

"Extraordinary and gifted speaker!"

Greg's lecture last night was extraordinary. The message that Greg delivered was poignant and timely in light of the recent events across our nation. Greg was very engaging through telling his story and connecting to the audience, finding time to connect to the students and community members, both gay and straight. Greg's delivery of the lecture was more a conversation amongst friends than an authoritative approach. We had nearly 200 people in attendance with a great mix of students, staff/faculty, and community. - -Scott Powell Director of Student Activities and Campus Housing North Central Michigan College, Peto


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I will have your audience laughing, while tugging at their heartstrings, sharing stories from my childhood, parents, college, celebrity friends and traveling around the country. All of my audiences have commented that they don't feel talked to in my lecture, but engaged and motivated.

My storytelling, sensitivity and passion shine through on how to have a positive influence in your community, embracing equality and how one person can create the wave of change in the lives of others. My audience will be informed why it is so important to be a role model and mentor in our communities. I am proud that my message offers hope, compassion and understanding for gay and straight communities. I'll leave you motivated to change your life and be the voice of change in your own community.

Some of my career highlights:

Contributing writer to Dr. Ruth Westheimers Guide to
College Life
Appearance in a award winning documentary titled, Fish
Out of Water
Executive Producer of the documentary: "Second Class
Citizen: Hate Crimes in a New Millennium."
Featured Presenter at National LGBT events and Rallies
Keynote Speaker with Judy Shepard for H.E.A.L Ourselves,
Chicago, IL. 2010.
Keynote Speaker at the International GOAL Conference
for LGBT Law Enforcement Officials. Speaking on "The
Bridge To Unity" with actress, Sharon Gless.. 2011
Interviewed for the Emmy Award-winning LX.TV, a NBC
Universal lifestyle show called, 1st Look.

Lecture Topics Include:

An Evening with Greg R.Baird
A Conversation of Equality
Being the Voice of Change in your Life
Discovering Your Legacy & being a Role Model
AfterMatt: Matthew Shepard and Laramie, WY
Bullying & Creating an Inclusive Campus Community

Latest News!

Follow Your Dreams: The Acceptance & Inclusion Tour
Happening this 2013-2014 school year for a once in a lifetime lecture!

An eclectic group of guys from different backgrounds of the entertainment business are coming together to bring you an incredible program. Leslie Jordan an Emmy Award winning Actor & Playwright, Chad Allen, Actor, Producer and Activist, Gary & Larry Lane, producers of, Hollywood to Dollywood, and Greg R. Baird, National LGBTQ Lecturer, Advocate, Writer and Filmmaker have joined forces to bring a unique and incredible lecture program to your venue.