Greg Baskind

Greg Baskind


Harry Belafonte morphs into Bob Marley who turns into Paul Simon who becomes Juan Luis Gerra and finally Garth Brooks. I'm nowhere near as charismatic as those guys, but my songs are strong and they just keep coming. You'll be singing along.


Stolen from Africa at age 11 and brought to America. Spent years writing songs in my bedroom and on the rooftop. Then went College in Austin, Texas where music oozes out of every bar. Finally, I entered into the world of business. Landed back in Africa in 2000 during the crash and spent the year making my dream record, while helping some guys out with a startup called ListenAfrica. Mike Canfield was one of the partners and he agreed to Produce my record. Mike plays some serious drums and also did some engineering. I recorded with some incredible musicians. Then I had to come back to the States and be a geek again for 7 years. Now I'm married to an amazing singer, Janice Lurie, and we are back in South Africa. I'm looking forward to the musical culture and fantastic people. Can't wait to play on the streets of CapeTown and Joburg again.
I'm not looking for gigs but rather jams and open mics and shared stages. I love the musical dialog between players and the audience. And I love being behind the mixing board, listening with intensity and eating humble pie. I love dancing in the audience and I love DJing the breaks. So if you get me, you get a whole package deal in one dude. Don't ask me how I can be in all places at once, cuz I don't know. It just happens.


Stolen From Africa, What's The Word, Nimble Numbers

Set List

Hey Belinda, Tequila Man, Long Distance Love, Ailet, 40 Days, Oh Africa, Blood in my Pockets, Goshtozo, Benito Bandito, Romeo and Juliet, American Pie, 3 Little Birds, Buffalo Soldier, We Shall Be Free, Standing Outside the Fire, House at Pooh Corner, Get Back, What a Wonderful World, Makin Whoopie, Margaritaville, Man and Woman, Mia Piaba, Coconut Woman, Jamaican Farewell, Take on Me, Touch You Once, Blue Monday, Just Can't Get Enough, Video Killed the Radio Star, A Heart Don't Forget Something Like That, Just Another Day In Paradise and many more