Greg Brayton

Greg Brayton

 Coldwater, Michigan, USA

The last thing the world needs is another singer-songwriter: Greg Brayton got in before the cut-off with songs of family, friendship and faith. His lyrics help the body and soul align with the Lord in an expression of life and love. Greg's guitar playing is a gift from God.


Greg Brayton does not let being blind cloud his vision. Brayton attributes much of his success to being blessed with parents who raised him without treating him differently than their sighted children.

His passion for music began when he was six years old and heard Del Shannon on the radio doing "Runaway." Brayton wanted to be that guy on the radio. Some of his other favorite artists were Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell.

While attending the Michigan School For The Blind, Brayton broke his arm going down the slide standing up. He wanted to impress the other blind students. Greg recalls, "The fact that they couldn't see me was beside the point; I did it as a matter of honor on a dare."

While taking guitar lessons, Greg found it was too painful due to the broken bone to play with his hand underneath the guitar neck, so he taught himself to play over the top. That's the way he continues to play. Brayton says, "I get away with what I can. It actually works quite well for me, because the music is more in my heart than in my fingers."

Brayton attended college for a year, majoring in composition at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. Realizing that this wasn't the kind of music he enjoyed, he formed a rock band called Blind Man's Bluff. For eight and one-half years the band stayed together, playing the bar circuit.

Looking back, Brayton recalls, "We were almost good enough to break through to the big time, but my drinking may have had something to do with us not succeeding." He has been sober now for many years.

Greg and his wife Sally have raised fine two boys. Brayton spends Sundays playing music at their church. He makes a living running a recording studio in their home called Brayton and Sons Productions.

Sally says, "The lessons we've learned together, the things God has shown us, it's a book's worth, and then some."

Brayton was diagnosed with cancer, the same cancer that took his eyes as a baby. He muses, "How true it is that God uses the tough things in life to show us how blessed we are with just His love, grace, and mercy! God has done miracles in our lives - - allowing me to find the twelve steps, to be of service to others in such a natural and honest way and continuing to healing me. Whatever God's plan is, Sally and I want to be part of it. I don't need to know how it will all turn out. I just sincerely believe that God is good, and I am blessed!"


My CD's include:

Consider It All Joy
Good Life
Wheel To Wheel
Believin' Is Seein'
A Songwriter's Christmas

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Set List

Set One

Free To Believe
What Am I Doing
Day After Day
I Am Yours
Out Of The Blue
Penny And A Prayer
Jesus Has No Hands But Ours
That's Okay
I'd Like To See Jesus
That Was Me B.C.
Snow Before The Sun
We Will Serve The Lord
The Lord's Voice
Captured By The Wind
Dance With Jesus
Favorite Fantasy
Be Like Jesus