Greg & Brian

Greg & Brian

 Melbourne, Florida, USA

Great vocals, keyboards and drums combined with a Monty Python-esque humor create quite a wacky evening out...these guys are favorites of the Florida music scene and have toured internationally too!!! SEE VIDEOS of GREG & BRIAN performing on - just search for GREG AND BRIAN LIVE PERFORMANCE CLIPS.
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Greg & Brian: Jekyll & Hyde.  Greg's tragi-comedy songwriting with Brian's comic-trag timing make for utter diversity if not certifiability.  Their music dances between heartbreak, naughty-silly, originals, soundtracks, and hundreds of live and recorded credits.  

Backstory: Met in 1996 when Greg was hungry and Brian was a waiter. Combined our dream playlists. Agreed. Started playing live shows with next to no rehearsal - and it worked.  Current story: Warning - may cause excessive laughing, dancing, and hangover the following morning! Greg and Brian have brought their insanity on tour with such acts as Tango Palace, Dokken, and Soil, and regularly tour England. A big hit with Universal Studios Florida and Walt Disney World, their shows sold out due to their strong following almost by word of mouth alone. Their upcoming debut singles and album are due for 2006. Previously, they led Tango Palace to successful indie CD sales and tours. Greg's classical background and Brian's jazz training jell in unique ways, giving their rockiesh popiesh sound a sonic twist and depth. Greg not only is a talented performer, but dances, tells jokes, and warms the halls through his use of eye contact and his laughing smile. The duo's high energy is absolutely contagious. Einstein's first law of energy states that "energy is neither created nor destroyed, but it may be converted from one form to another", and G&B understand that they cannot get more energy out of the crowd than what they put in. Brian's voice blends well with Greg, and his harmonies are smooth; together their vocals soar above their instrumentation. His drumming is passionate, energetic, and combined with his sharp sense of humor, really pulls the crowd into the show. He likes to punch through the invisible barrier that exists between the performers and audience as early in the show as possible. Aside from their originals, they can play practically anything, from the 50's to now. Greg has a rich, bluesy-tinged voice which gives them a universal appeal and highly original sound at the same time.


Christmas singles:  Orange Blossom Christmas, Rudolf..., and Oh Come On Ye, Grateful (all original comedy music).

Soundtrack albums:  Holiday Season, American South.  Upcoming:  Blood Moon.

Upcoming album:  Characters, followed by Greg & Brian's Demented Christmas.  Greg's solo album: Dream Logick.

Previous singles and other releases: The King Of Weather Hill, Steps To Nowhere, Angels, Cold World, Right Here. EPs: Transcontinental Divide. LPs: Tango Palace, Eye of the Storm. The band has radio airplay in Florida and streaming tracks available. Greg recently won a CRYSTAL REEL award for Best Soundtrack for the film "SECRETS OF A MEDICINE MAN"!!

Set List

A typical set list might include tracks by the Beatles, Monty Python's Flying Circus, Joe Jackson, Elton John, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello, the Goo Goo Dolls, Bruce Springsteen, the Police, and Queen. Sets are usually 40 minutes or longer in duration. Repertoire includes rock, pop, disco, country, blues, TV themes, movie themes, you name it. Other artists we cover include: Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doors, Steppenwolf, Steve Miller Band, Don McLean, Van Morrison, Elvis Presley, Counting Crows, E.L.O., Genesis, KISS, Men at Work, Squeeze.....too many to list!!