Greg Downs

Greg Downs


Greg Downs a tightly packaged pop sensible blend of acoustic guitar, piano and full rock symphonies!


Greg Downs is a singer/songwriter from the small town of Smithfield, UT. Being no stranger to a stage, Greg has traveled the country in several rock bands; working in various capacities with producers like Ulrich Wild (White Zombie, Deftones, Staind), and Don Gilmore (Eve 6, Linkin Park), developing himself as both a guitarist and songwriter.
Over the years Greg has refined and honed his craft into a tightly packaged pop sensible blend of acoustic guitar, piano and full rock symphonies. Some of Greg's major influences include, Damien Rice, Martin Sexton, Jonatha Brooke, Trent Reznor, Judith Owen, Alice In Chains, U2, and Sting. His goal is to play amazing music and open peoples ideas of genre boundaries while searching for a team that will support his ideals and can help him grow as an artist, and songwriter.


Call Me Here

Written By: Greg Downs

"You Call Me Here"

Sometimes you hurt, my old hands.
I never could take, your understanding.
I fall so hard.

You call me here, got to say got to say I'm sorry.

Never again will I see this page.
Discovering light, and darkening age.
You follow my scars.


Find Yourself

Written By: Greg Downs

"Find Yourself"

I could say a thousand things I've thought before.
Anyway, I'll leave a key on my front porch for you.

I hope you find yourself boy
apart from me
I hope you find your dreams boy
next to me
You tumble and choke on your words never land right.
You break cycles building negative proceedings.

Any day, you'll find the things your looking for.
I have faith , you'll push and pound on fates front door and U

chorus breakdown

Patiently Waiting

Written By: Greg Downs

"Patiently Waiting"

Consulting the stars, patiently waiting.
Time has bent ist wings much too far.
Saving grace, from taking another.
I have spent my will saving yours.

Pre chorus

Designing these scars, patiently waiting.
I fear the pains too much to come this far.
Sustaining a life, to take from another.
My life is slowing down for who you are.

The time has come for you to stay.
Thoughts of paralouse, seemless days.
The time has come for you to say.
Thoughts of happiness, endless days.



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Set List

Typical set ranges from 60-180 Minutes, mostly originals. Occasional 20-45 Minutes worth of covers such as Martin Sexton, The Beatles, Alice In Chains.