Greger Hillman

Greger Hillman

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Smooth Jazz with a Scandinavian twist. Swedish Saxman Greger Hillman is ready to break through to Smooth Jazz stardom! The songs combined with his sound outlines the future in the genre. Fresh, grooving and uplifting.


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The name of the record, I Am Ready, implies on the musical journey this saxophonist and composer has been on for more than twenty years. Greger, who is a native Swede, has been playing professionally for many years and this record gives him the chance to step out of the role as sideman and to stand on his own, which he does very well. "I want my music to bring the listener a positive "feel-good" vibe, he says. Born and raised in Nyköping, Sweden, Greger has been playing all kinds of gigs with everyone from "local-Jim" to some of Swedens biggest stars. Greger has been fortunate enough to work on sessions with producers like Peter Wolf(Frank Zappa), Jason Scheff(Chicago) and Jimmy Haslip(Yellowjackets) among others.

Back home in Sweden Greger is working hard to bring Smooth Jazz out to the Swedes, which in most cases never have heard of the concept of Smooth Jazz. "It is a shame", Greger says and continoues, "I simply love the music, lifestyle and attitude of Smooth Jazz music and my aim is to open peoples eyes to my own little twist in the genre as well as spreading that "feel-good" vibe which, for me, the music is all about".

The album, I Am Ready , contains ten original songs written and produced by Greger. "Recording and doing gigs with many different musicians has left me knowing quite a few people in the business and I am really happy and proud to have many of my friends on this record", he says. The titlecut, I Am Ready , is a straightforward Smooth Jazz tune, which sets the mood for the rest of the record. The tune Home At Last reflects on Gregers musical career as he goes full circle coming back to the style of music which got him started playing the sax some twenty years ago. "Having studied Jazz, improvisation and composition and playing mostly jazz- and soul gigs for many years now, I wanted to go back to my roots to where it all got started, Greger says. Introduced to the music by his older brother who had been over to the United States in the mid-eighties, Greger could do nothing but surrender to the music. "I remember it like it was yesterday", he says.

"My brother gave me a tape of Kenny Gs album Duotones and I must have listen to it at least a thousand times, probably even more. I started practice like crazy as I also tried to get hold of more music in the genre. Even though my style of playing differs quite a bit from Kenny Gs I still wanted to get one song on the album which reflects upon that time in my life", Greger says. The song Baby I Love You embodies that smooth Kenny-sound with expressive playing from Greger on soprano saxophone.

The mix on the album is fresh and with tunes like Feels Good , which brings out the more funky side of Gregers playing, you cannot go wrong. The songs make sense and that "good-feeling" which makes you feel alright is all over this record.


Baby I Love You

Written By: Greger Hillman