Greg Frisbee Comedy Juggling &  Variety

Greg Frisbee Comedy Juggling & Variety

 San Francisco, California, USA

The Greg Frisbee Show is a comedy/variety show that includes, juggling, magic and so much more. Whether the show is for indoor or outdoor events such as: casinos, colleges, corporate, cruise ships, county/state fairs etc, Greg Frisbee brings the goods and is sure to have everyone laughing out loud!


Comedy Entertainment with a new spin!

The Greg Frisbee Comedy Variety Show will be a HIT with your event; with his high-energy skills in juggling and magic along with a quick wit and comedic timing he will have you and your audience on the edge of their seats.

You may see an upside down-escape, juggling with his hands on fire or a rubber chicken flying across the stage being launched by a canon, but one thing is certain you have never had this much fun and there is so much more…

With over 15 years of experience, performing in a variety of venues from festivals to cruise ships, from colleges to corporate events Greg Frisbee brings a show that is exciting, inventive and fun!

The show is 100% suitable for audiences of all ages so you can TRUST the content and comedy are clean!

There are plenty of opportunities for audience participation with the Greg Frisbee Comedy Variety Show and places where the show can be customized specifically for you.

Your audience will leave with a positive and entertaining experience that WILL last longer than the event Guaranteed!

To date The Greg Frisbee Show has been seen in 49 of the 50 United States and has appeared in 15 different countries.

In addition to his performing career, Greg also holds a degree in Media Communications, which gives him the ability to turn a computer on and off, program the DVD player and make a great cup of coffee.


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Audiences around the world are taking notice of a show that is exciting, creative and unique:
The Greg Frisbee Show.
“Prepare to be dazzled, prepare to be entertained beyond your wildest expectations!”
-Antelope Valley Press

“A Red Hot Performer”
-Winnipeg Free Press

“With Frisbee you can feel the magic”
-The Desert Sun

With his brand of comedy entertainment, along with a bottomless trunk of props, The Greg Frisbee Show will be sure to have you…Laughing Out Loud!

Beginning with the silly one ball juggling and continuing on to the impressive Fire Hands Grand Finale, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The show includes Juggling, Magic, Fire Eating, Audience participation and above all else fun.

Don’t miss this MUST SEE entertainer!