Gregg Butler

Gregg Butler


Gregg Butler is an acoustic/folk singer-songwriter. With a sound very similar to that of David Gray and Ryan Adam, Gregg delivers 12 heart-rinching songs on his debut album, 'Yesteryear'.


'Yesteryear', Gregg Butler's debut album is a bare, skeletal and beautiful glimpse into his soul. Just one year ago, the Alabama-born acoustic-folk singer-songwriter was wearing a battle dress uniform and scrubs working as an aerospace medical technician, assisting in the successful delivery of nearly 700 infants in his 4 year career in the USAF, but always knew, instinctively, that his path would eventually lead him back to his first-love and his own 'baby'; songwriting and performing his music.

" I enlisted shortly after September 11 and although a large part of my reason for doing so was patriotic, I needed the change in my life. I was a razor sharp medic. I didn't think that the USAF would give me an opportunity to cultivate my music and still remain on active duty. In 2005, I was given that opportunity. Traveling to nearly 30 countries and performing in all 50 states with Air Force's premier entertainment troupe, Tops in Blue, I learned a lot about life on the road and part of what it takes to make it as professional (touring) musician. "

Gregg seems to be very aware of what the universal buttons are-and is not afraid to push them. " I write about what affects me, what I fear the most, what enlightens me- what deeply upsets me. As a songwriter, I pull inspiration from everywhere and everything all the time. Sometimes, I have to write so much, to get so little. Although it may take 20 songs to get the 'one', I am restless until I do. I want to create music that does push those buttons because life affects me the same way it does everyone else. I hope the way in which I present it offers hope and inspires others, in spite of the hurt, betrayal, abuse and deep, unfulfilled longing, to keep going."


Debut Album: Yesteryear
(available exclusively on myspace SNOCAP and ReverbNation)

Set List

1. Paradise
2. Love Sweet Love
3. No One (Alicia Keys)
4. Umbrella (Rhianna)
5. Stand by Me
6. Frail
7. You Can't Save
8. Tell Me What you Need
9. Nicotine &Whiskey
10. Perils of Poverty
11. Drive
12. Strange Company
13. Same Ole Thing
14. Do you Want Me?
15. With Love, From War
16. Wand'ring Man
17. A Maze of Love
18. Smokin Gun
19. Little Things
20. Genesis