Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars

Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars

 Buffalo, New York, USA

A World Top-10 Blues recording act, a Roots Report charter, and one of Real Blues Magazine's Top-100.


Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars: Maximum Blues, Soul, and Roots-Rockin' R&B...

Gregg Juke, a 25 year veteran of the music scene (musician/performer, producer/arranger, recording artist, songwriter, educator, and music journalist) decided to spend more time on his own music, rather than playing "everyone else's" songs. His debut album ("Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars: Blues Power") was recorded in Western New York featuring special guests from some of the region's most well-known bands and musical organizations, including members of the Soul Invaders, Alert Records recording artists Them Jazzbeards, Amherst Records recording artists the Amherst Saxophone Quartet, The Jukes, Night-Rhythm, The Rubes, and Project R&B.

As performing and touring became a necessity, Gregg formed The Mighty No-Stars to play original material, as well as the best versions of classic Blues, Blues Rock, Soul, R&B, and Roots Rock covers.

The "No-Stars" moniker is an in-joke-- everyone in the band has established themselves as a solid musical commodity through years of performing and recording with other groups and artists. The band strives to present not only the best in live music, but also in live entertainment; but as Gregg says: "There were already so many 'Joe Schmoe and The All-Stars' bands out there, we decided to be 'No-Stars'."

Concert-goers will be treated to a high-energy, high-caliber musical event.

The band has a unique sound that captures the essence of the Blues in all of its stylistic varieties, but adds touches of Latin, Rock, Reggae, and Worldbeat to the mix.

Gregg is a member of the Vic Firth teaching artists program (the Vic Firth Education Team), and uses Lee Oskar harmonicas and Vic Firth drumsticks. Bruce Rounds endorses First Act guitars. Joel Thomas endorses the innovative Barker bass.

The band's awards and honors include:

* A listing as one of the Top-10 independent Blues bands in the world (according to the Blues Foundation judging committee for the "Best Self-Produced CD" competition for 2007-2008 at the 2008 International Blues Challenge)

*Album: "Blues Power" named as one of Real Blues Magazine's Top-100 New CD's; #36 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart (twice in May 2008), and
featured on the Roots Report New York State Chart
(Roots/mixed-genre twice)

* Winner, "Best Self-Produced CD, 2007" contest, sponsored by the Blues Society of Western New York

* Top-10 (#8) on the original Blues Vocal Chart for "Nomo Loot"

* Top-100 on original Blues Chart for "Wild & Blue"

* Runners-Up, "Memphis Bound" competition, 2004 & 2005 (Blues Society of WNY)

* Selected by listeners of WBFO, FM 88.7 for Volumes II, III, and V of "WBFO Gives Me The Blues" compilation CD

Current Radio/Media Airplay List:

* KTEP 88.5 FM, El Paso, Texas,

* WPKN/WPKM 89.5 FM, Bridgeport, Connecticut

* WVOF, Connecticut

* WRUW 91.1 FM, Cleveland, Ohio,

* WUCF, 89.9 FM, Orlando, Florida,

* WYAV, Myrtle Beach, SC

* WNTI 91.9 FM/, Hackettstown NJ,


* KMXT 100.1 FM, Kodiak, Alaska

* KMSU 89.7 FM, KMSK 91.3 FM, Mankato and Austin Minnesota, “The Maverick Radio Network,”

* KMFB 92.7 FM / 96.7 FM , FM 100.5 KTDE, Willits, CA,,,

* WWCU FM Power 90.5, Cullowhee, NC,

* “Blues Deluxe,”

* Radio ZRO, 106.2 FM, and Radio Goud, 107.7 FM, Belgium,

* WebRadio Golden Flash

* Uptown Jazz Network

* WBFO, Buffalo, NY

* WJJL AM, Niagara Falls, NY

* The Lake 107.7 FM, Buffalo, NY

* WGR 55 AM, Buffalo, NY

* WIUT FM, Canada

* "Blues & Friends," Netherlands

* Osnabruecker Radio, Germany

* “Hambone’s Blues Rumshack,” Scotland

* “A World of Blues,” Colorado



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*Gregg Juke & The Mighty No-Stars: Blues Power (Blue Buffalo Records CD6345789)-- Noted as one of the Top-10 independent Blues releases in the world (!) for 2007/2008, according to the Blues Foundation in Memphis, TN; also named one of Real Blues Magazine's Top-100 New CD's and #36 in the Top-50 on the Roots Music Report Blues Chart (2x on the National/International Blues Chart,
and 2x on the NYS Roots/mixed-genre Chart)

*WBFO Gives Me The Blues, Vol. II (on DCD Records; available from WBFO FM in 2006 and 2007)

*WBFO Gives Me The Blues, Vol. III (on DCD Records; available from WBFO FM in 2007)

*WBFO Gives Me The Blues, Vol. V (on DCD Records; available from WBFO FM in 2008)

*The 3-Song E.P. (Independent CD benefitting the Food Bank of WNY; sold out and out-of-print)

* Airplay (Radio, TV, and Internet for "Blues Power" and WBFO CD's in the US, Canada, and Europe-- See Radio List above, or visit our Media/Charts page at

*Current bandmembers Gregg Juke, Bruce Rounds, and Joel Thomas have recorded extensively as sidemen, solo artists, and producers (discographies available on request)

Set List

Originals and Cover material (complete set list available on request).