Greg Grant

Greg Grant


Organic and original genre crossing rock. Funky, jazzy, soulful, sometimes folky, sometimes electronic; psychedelic and full of feeling. In this time of computerization and plastic disposable music, this is a real musician playing real music with a real message.


Greg Grant started playing music when his mother made him take violin lessons when he was 8, that didn't last long, however, and Zoot from the Muppet Show inspired him to start playing the saxophone at the age of 9, and he's been playing ever since. Born in New York City, raised in New York State, he grew up near one of the most diverse melting pot cities on the planet. He studied classical and jazz at Oberlin college/conservatory for a bit, but realized that he wanted to experience life and music outside the walls of an ivory tower. He admires and is inspired by many different styles of music from all over the world ranging from jazz to rock, folk to techno, classical to electronic, ambient, textural, flamenco and Arabic. This love of diversity caused him to travel around quite a bit, he has lived in Barcelona, Spain for 3 years but has been more or less nomadic, traveling around Europe, Canada, Central America, and the U.S.A. Now based in northwestern Montana, Greg has founded Strawbale Studios, but he is always traveling around, finding new influences and inspiration for his music.

After being mainly a saxophonist for many years, he has added guitar, voice, and drums to his musical palette. He came to the realization that his favorite musicians were the ones who could write well crafted songs, that serve as a springboard into improvised jamming. He has added his musical style to various bands, including jazz orchestras, world music groups, blues bands, rock bands, funk rock bands, and experimental groups. He has done countless solo performances as well at nightclubs, cultural centers, universities, festivals, concert halls at parks and on the street all over north America and Europe. Greg is a sonic adventurer who likes to explore unknown territory. The music that attracts him dives into deep places that pulls, both him and his listeners along. Some major influences on him are: King Crimson, Paul Simon, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, Greg Brown, John Fogerty, John Coltrane, Tracy Chapman, Joni Mitchell, Ani Difranco, Ali Farka Toure, The Beatles, Brian Eno, Wim Mertens, Steven Reich, Laurie Anderson, Keith Jarrett and Dead Can Dance.

When asked about himself, Greg replied, " I love developing my skills as a songwriter and musician, but it is only to serve the music. I'm not interested in huge amounts of technique that show off my abilities and stroke my ego. Technique is necessary, but only to the point that it allows the music to come through fluidly and powerfully. I think that if you approach music with this attitude then you end up doing things that you never would've been able to imagine. The music uses you and plays through you and what comes out of you is a surprise, even to yourself! I 'm not interested in playing something over and over again, even if it's at a high level of playing. I'm interested in using songs I am comfortable with in order to get to that place where I can go away from the song to an unknown, magical place that even I don't know about, and then come back to the song. I love musicians that have that proper balance of structure and freedom. Too much structure leaves me bored and stifled, and too much freedom leaves me wanting something more solid and well crafted... It's a difficult thing to achieve, but it's what I strive for."


Jupiter Watches

Written By: Greg Grant

Tears on her cheeks
Rolling down
Find a pathway
To the ground

She can't hide
What she feels inside
Got to find a doorway
Out, a way outside

There's that voice inside her head again
Telling her She'll need a friend
To help her find the wonder
Keep it till the end

It's raining roses
Got to find
Close contact with the sky
A little confused
Don't know where to start
It's very loud this beating heart

Jupiter's strong in the sky
Tonight and I need to know
How to go
Show me how to live
I thought I'd know
All the ways
There are to go
But now, you know
I'm not so sure

Jupiter keeps an eye on us
Knows if we have enough to get by
She and I

You And I

Written By: Greg Grant

Lady If we try
You and I
Could touch the sky

Do you remember the time
We swam in the sea
I liked it when
You swam with me

I love you I love you girl
You fill Up my world
You know I'm sorry
For all the times
That I hurt you
And made you cry
I love you I love you girl
You fill Up my world

Everything To Me

Written By: Greg Grant

You're the trip that takes me far You're the candy in my jar
You're all the salt that's in the sea
You are everything to me

When I left you at the station
I couldn't begin to see
Just how much I'd miss you
Just how much you mean to me

You're an eagle in the sky
You're the ice cream on my pie
You're a teacher teaching me
And you're the wind that sets me free
You're the one who makes me feel good
You're the one who makes me see Because of you I understand now
Who it is I'm supposed to be

In the days before I met you
I always wondered who you'd be
Now my question's answered
Life's been good, it brought you to me

You're the trip that takes me far You're the candy in my jar
You're all the salt that's in the sea
You are everything to me
You're an eagle in the sky
You're the ice cream on my pie
You're a teacher teaching me
And you're the wind that sets me free


Jupiter Watches- October 2003
Bisbe Street- November 2002
After The Crash- November 2001
Musth: Greg Grant & Jon Bernson- November 1994

Set List

Set list varies nightly by situation and audience. Has 50+ original & 60+ cover songs in catalog to choose from.

Blind to What I See
Montana is My Home
Impossible Goodbye
The So-Called Truth
Mrs. Green Blues
Closed Eyes
Everything to Me
Over and Beyond
You and I

They Know Our Names
Draw Down the Moon
Bigger Isn't Better
Jupiter Watches
Means to an End
Pure Moonlight
Before I Go
Like Carlos Vamos
21st Century Pioneer

Karma Police (Radiohead)
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin)
Big Yellow Taxi (Joni Mitchell)
The Boxer (Paul Simon)
Can't Let Go (Lucinda Williams)
One Wrong Turn (Greg Brown)
I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley)
32 Flavors (Ani DiFranco)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
Mexico (Cake)
Steal My Kisses (Ben Harper)
Don't Think Twice (Bob Dylan)
Captain Kennedy (Neil young)
Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Creedence)
For My Lover (Tracey Chapman)
The Wind (Cat Stevens)