Greg Mahan

Greg Mahan

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Elegant, graceful and often poetic Americana music, with songs built around sturdy acoustic playing and imagery-laden lyrics. - Mike Breen (Cincinnati CityBeat)


One of Cincinnati's favorite songsmiths.
4 Cincinnati Entertainment Award Nominations (Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Songwriter, Folk/Americana)

"bread-and-butter is elegant, graceful and often poetic Americana music." - Mike Breen, Cincinnati CityBeat

Has opened for semi-famous folk heroes Paul Thorn, Erin McKeown, Pierce Pettis, Lucy Wainwright Roche, and guitar virtuoso / McCartney/WIngs alumnus Laurence Jubar.

One the best solo acoustic performances you’ll come across with engaging songs and a unique approach.

"I've built my Midwest tours around seeing this guy play. It was like he knew something the rest of us didn't, like he had a direct line to Plato's world of ideas, where everything just works and is profoundly beautiful." - South Carolina based songsmith Dylan Sneed.


Hall Of Fame

Written By: Greg Mahan

barnstorming through the southland
once again living hand to mouth and
the bus threatens to break down
then the big man says he’s turning us around
to make for another town
where the grass is green, but the pay isn’t more
raising bonds for the war
for young lefty who’s parted shore
once covered any base
still got his number, but a few new faces
up from the farms and fields
for a different kind with a better yield (hopefully)

it’s a shame that the hall of fame
won’t take anybody who plays this game
Black Crackers and Grays - as likely to go in
as Shoeless Joe

it’s a man’s job, not child’s play
and the fans dress up like it’s Sunday morn
for a twin killing on a trip around the horn
seven straight starts and our star is worn
like the callous on his palm
and “won’t you go back to where you came from”
but here there’s none of that
just the crack of the bat, tit for tat
going wild for a circus catch
up, over the wall the ball is snatched
then the Avenue buys the rounds
while Montgomery works out his sound (saying)

back on the moving scrap pile
many miles told up and down the aisle
once threw out Papa Bell, right on the mark
he could off the light, get to bed before the room darkened
got Gibs to look three times
when he crushed eighty nine, he couldn’t find mine
just stood there in his flat footed stance
had him in a trance, didn’t stand a chance
and that gets me to my gripe
still like one shot at them boys in pinstripes
from where we’ve been, we’re sure to win
by what we’ve done, we should have already won

wondering when I turn around
will my best days be outrunning hellhounds or
working in a sideshow as a clown
until the money is gone and they shut us down
will it be just as it seems
pushing rocks up the mountain and swimming upstream
got to keep on no-holds-barred
but maybe where it’s not so hard
maybe back Mexico way
too soon it’ll be too cold here anyway
I think I’ll enjoy the sun
where I am free to play against anyone

... In the Outskirts of God's Country...

Written By: Greg Mahan

In the outskirts of God’s country
(not found on the map)
on my way through the county (heading home)
a distant thunderclap
made me quicken my pace on the
to outrun the storm
but the winds caught me
and the clouds started to take the form
of terrible armies, and then the trees
pointed the way that I should flee
to my shelter to be

In the outskirts of God’s country
under some craggy rocks
the rain was a steady sound
of so many ticking clocks
made me fall into simple sleep
dreamless and deep
and when I awoke
the moon had started to weep
for soldiers everywhere on the move
and to show it disapproved
it turned blood red

In the outskirts of God’s country
tomorrow and the next came
crossing over both horizons
I saw cities in flames
and violently shaking my head
and turning away
on this path I tread on
each and every single day
just trying to find my way home
and through this mountainside I roam
in my own way

...In the outskirts of God’s country...

My Marie

Written By: Greg Mahan

This charcoal sketch I drew
sitting in your room, back in school,
at the end of my time there,
shows how you wore your hair.
And how, when alone in thought, furrowed your brow.
And I look at this now.
Oh, you look so sad,
my Marie

The source light, soft and dim,
brings back the spring wind chased on a whim,
that came through your window,
you sat by in your pose,
knowing full well what I had chosen
was bitter, even cruel.
But oh, I was a fool,
my Marie

Let go gently I said.
And look to the moon.
Not all secrets had been told.
Had no thoughts of growing old this soon

I can’t explain my ways.
Even to this day, I can’t explain.
And now I’m out of place.
And I can’t erase
the shadow cast by your figure made of lines.
And I wonder all the time,
did things work out fine.
I hope things worked out fine,
my Marie.


Greg Mahan - Greg Mahan (2000, Highway 11 Records)
Song "Blue Ocean" received regular airplay on Cincinnati's WNKU, WVXU, WOXY, & WAIF.
Song "Burn Down Sal's" featured on the 1999 Pepsi Jammin’ on Main CD
Song "Burn Down Sal's" featured on the 2002 MidPoint Music Fest CD
Song "Well I Know I've Figured It Out" featured on the 2003 City Nights CD
Song "Hall Of Fame" featured on the 2006 Cincinnati Clutch Hits CD, in support of the Cincinnati Reds Community Fund.
Greg Mahan - Thirty-Five-Cent Daydream (2008, Highway 11 Records
Multiple songs from "Thirty-Five-Cent Daydream" receiving airplay from WNKU (Kentucky) and WHFR (Michigan)
Song "The Swing" will soon be released on a Children's compilation CD titled "Isn't It A Wonder".

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The tried and true and the brand spanking new and the occasional choice cover for the die hard musicologist in the audience.