Greg Maroney Solo Piano

Greg Maroney Solo Piano


Greg Maroney is a very gifted pianist. The innovative New Age/Neo Classical piano music found in his 4 CDs is superbly written and comes from the heart. All the songs have a warmth and yearning that speaks to the listener, bringing them nearer to their own spirit.


Greg Maroney's music evokes images and stories from both our memories and imaginations. His original piano compositions are at times variations on simple and pure melodic themes, such as Wing River on "Songs of the Water Rose" and at others intricate patterns or passionate crescendo's found in songs like Esmeralda on "The Copper Hat". His third release, "Sentinel" includes Fire Drake, a fast, fiery song full of joy at the summer weather and thunderstorms, and Avoi Dance, written for his wife Linda as she soaked up the afternoon sun in the hammock. The fourth CD, "Harmony Grove" was inspired from his rural life experiences over the past year. Songs such as Nature's Fury and The Chicken Chase are his musical interpretations of the immediate natural surroundings.

Greg has studied classical and jazz piano since age 5. He also studied classical Indian Music and gave street performances on the sitar and saz in the early 1970's. Currently he can be heard at various local restaurants, local and international radio stations, as well as playing for weddings and private parties. He has made frequent appearances at the Pennsylvania Governor's mansion, performing for Governor Ridge, Governor Schweiker and Governor Rendell. He also has played for the Emergency Nurses Association national conference in Philadelphia. In addition to creating beautiful melodies, Greg is an emergency room nurse at a trauma center in central Pennsylvania. He and his wife live in an old farmhouse the country with 3 cats, 3 dogs, a myriad of chickens, and his vegetable garden.

Listening to his music, you will find yourself reminiscing, smiling, waltzing and dreaming.


Songs of the Water Rose 1997
The Copper Hat 2001
Sentinel 2002
Harmony Grove 2003

Set List

Sets consist of a mix of original songs found on all 4 albums