Gregory Page (USA)
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Gregory Page (USA)

San Diego, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | SELF | AFTRA

San Diego, California, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Established on Jan, 1998
Solo Country Singer/Songwriter


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"Steve Poltz"

HOLDING the distinction of co-writing the
longest running song on the Billboard Top
100 chart (Jewel’s You Were Meant For
Me), you could expect US singer-songwriter
Steve Poltz, to be content with his life.
With royalties still flowing in — ensuring a
steady income and more than enough bones
in the bank — the idea of retiring to a life of
beachside cocktails would seem enticing.
For anyone but Poltz, that is.
‘‘I love to travel and I like to keep moving,’’
he explains at the beginning of his eighth visit
to Australia. ‘‘I want to always keep going so
whenever I see an opening in my schedule I
say, ‘That looks fun, let’s go there’.
‘‘The one thing about it is your years go
so fast. I don’t even know where the last 10
years went, it just becomes one big blur of
gas stations and cars and airports and food
and stages,’’ he says.
For someone with such enthusiasm and
who sets such a cracking pace, it seems
uncharacteristic that Poltz spent more than
three years making his latest album, the
aptly titled Traveling.
But things become clearer when he reveals
he had with over 100 songs to pick from.
‘‘It’s really hard for me to put on the
studio hat because I love getting out on the
road and I really like human interaction and
seeing people and looking at new things so
when I get into the studio at first it seems
really boring,’’ he says. ‘‘I don’t want to be
there when they’re getting drum sounds. I
don’t need to hear a snare drum be hit a
thousand times.’’
After recently wrapping up a support slot
for Bob Evans, Poltz will head straight back
out for another lap of Australia, this time
on a co-headlining tour with fellow San
Diego-based musician and former Rugburns
member Gregory Page.
‘‘I first met Gregory at a taco shop in San
Diego after a show late one night,’’ Poltz
recalls. ‘‘It was a 24-hour taco shop called
Roberto’s where a lot of musicians would go.
We started talking about our mutual love of
James Taylor, he had a peace sign tattoo on
his arm and James Taylor had one too.
‘‘We just talked until the sun came up
and we became really good friends and we
were always hanging out and travelling the
country together.’’
Fans can also pick up a second album,
Unraveling which will be available only at
shows and features another 11 tracks lifted
from the same sessions.
‘‘Anything goes,’’ Poltz says of his live
performances. ‘‘If someone shouts
something out I usually try to play it.’’
Steve Poltz plays The Troubadour on June 4.
Traveling (Code One/MGM) out now.
Liam Parsons - Brisbane Courier Mail

"Gregory Page"

Bob Dylan
Together Through Life (Sony)

Gregory Page
Bird In A Cage (Code One/MGM)

How many albums has Bob Dylan released? A shitload! I’m sure there’s a few trainspotters out there that will know the exact number, (don’t forget the ‘official’ bootlegs!), but how many albums do you reckon ‘newcomer’ Gregory Page has released? Almost unfathomably, Bird In A Cage is Page’s nineteenth album! Numbers can be tricky, so I’ll run that by you one more time – 19 albums, and unless you caught him on the Jason Mraz tour last year, you’ve almost certainly never heard of him before.

For the sake of space, we will assume that most readers know who Bob Dylan is, how long he’s been around, and have something of an idea of his place in the history of modern music. Page however is an interesting story. Although calling San Diego home since he was sixteen, he was born and raised in the UK. In the early sixties, his mother played bass and sang in the Beat Chicks, a band that toured on occasion with the Beatles. Page’s website features a photo of himself at a (very) young age, playing an acoustic guitar with the signatures of all four Beatles, and he recalls sitting on Paul McCartney’s knee at a Spanish bullfight, with Beatle Paul covering the young Gregory’s eyes, just as the bull was about to be dispatched. While he’d been making music since the move to California, Page was 30, (and in the middle of a veterinary degree course), when he finally decided on music as a full-time career. He has since worked and toured with Mraz, the legendary John Doe, Jewel, Steve Poltz and many more.

Tying the Page and Dylan albums together is the fact that they are both very, very good. Together Through Life is far better than anything the 68 year old Dylan has a right to come up with these days, (and happy birthday for Sunday, Bob), while Bird In A Cage rings like it’s one of the world’s great debut releases, bringing to mind the famous quote about Bob Seger’s ten year journey to “overnight success”.

Most of the songs on Bird In A Cage were begun last year, in a St Kilda cemetery, Page taking his inspiration from headstone inscriptions such as, “Here lies Charlotte. She died in 1869 on her birthday.” (‘Charlotte’s Grave’) On ‘Right Or Wrong’ we get the wonderful lines, “Well I travelled all the way to Melbourne, St Kilda feels like home, down Chapel Street no-one sees ya, but that ain’t right or wrong, miles away I had this thought, and wrote it in a song…” The Dylan album also boasts some great writing: “There ain’t no way you can put me down, I just wanna say that hell’s my wife’s home town…”, (‘My Wife’s Home Town’); “I’m listenin’ to Billy Joe Shaver, and I’m readin’ James Joyce…”, (‘I Feel A Change Comin’ On’). The Willy Dixon-styled blues of ‘My Wife’s Home Town’ is one of the most wilfully fun things Dylan has recorded in years!

Instrumentally the two albums make an interesting comparison – Page’s beautifully detailed and intimate, Dylan’s loose and ragged, yet somehow achieving the same degree of intimacy. Both titles feature superb playing and lead standouts, Page with a cast of regulars, Dylan with his current road band, Page’s primarily acoustic, Dylan’s largely electric. Bought together, these will be two of your favorite albums, not just of 2009, but for many years to come.

- CD Review


Steve Poltz - One Left Shoe (1998), Chinese Vacation (2004), Travelling (2009)

Gregory Page - All Make Believe (2002), Love Made Me Drunk (2006), Bird in a Cage (2009)



GREGORY PAGE is a critically acclaimed artist. A former member of The Rugburns, the singer/songwriter and producer has toured with the likes of Bob Dylan, Chris Issak, Jason Mraz and many more, It was during Gregory's Australian tour with Jason Mraz in 2008 when he found himself penning songs in a 200 year old Cemetery in St Kilda, resulting in the beautiful album Bird In A Cage.