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September Depression

Written By: Gregory Prisco De Fronzo

Everytime I live I die.
Filled with pain inside, try to rewind to a better time.
Whenall things seemed fine, no torment for my mind.
I now dwell in a living hell sometimes, eventhough my sins compare to crimes.
I'd like to share through my rhymes, feeling empty inside makes me want to confide in someone capable of showing love and care it's not out there.
It's a fake emotion never to be awoken, eventhough it's spoken. Will I ever overcome this fate which berates and desecrates my soul?
An empty hole,tried to fill it, it can never be full.
I've done alot of stupid things in life attempted suicide, though these feelings coincide with the response from the outside- world. I feel the pain, one can never attain truly what they want to achieve.
We try to believe in things we conceive; left many times to grieve for those who leave.
Each time leaving us empty inside, the whole grows to become unbearable.
This pain I feel is now revealed, through this speech I hope to reach those in need, in a world which seems to be controlled by greed.
People pursue and chase money than turn around and kill their best buddy.
What's the point in pursuing riches ? In the end they'll leave you in ditches needing stitches. Though some will never learn, when it's your turn you'd better discern, between the lies and humans pride, escape life with homicide.
Take a man's life to escape your strife.
This vein now bleeds the blood of mankind it cannot be confined.
It's incessant to all not cognizant try to escape it's relent, with good intent we'll never learn until we become content to change our minds, this phase of lies will not end in demise of human pride- A human being's living compromise.