Gregory Douglass

Gregory Douglass

 Burlington, Vermont, USA

Douglass' evocative, alternative sound "channels everyone from Stevie Wonder to Fiona Apple in a way that's terrifyingly mature for someone so young" according to Instinct Magazine.


On March 3rd, 2009, Gregory Douglass will release his seventh album, BATTLER. What few people know is that his sixth album UP & AWAY was nearly his last. Hurled into a depression by the state of the music industry and the pressures endured by full-time independent artists, Douglass took a break from touring and drew himself in for a long, dark Vermont winter. After a winter love affair with the HBO series "Six Feet Under," Douglass was bewitched by the haunting and compelling questions raised by the show. The result is BATTLER — 12 songs of versatile and extraordinary musical depth. He says, "Writing and recording this album has been a cathartic experience — after a rock-bottom winter of red wine and unexpected inspiration, I've come to the conclusion that I undoubtedly need to continue making music."

Douglass calls "Day of the Battler" his favorite track on the album. "It's so dramatic and uninhibited; it calls upon many of my more free-spirited musical influences like Sarah Slean, Kate Bush and Regina Spektor," he says. "Cathedrals," a gritty and controversial song, takes on religion and sexual addiction. "While 'Cathedrals' is relatable to anyone who has suffered from addiction, I spotlight religion and sexual addiction because of all the scandals we've seen recently," says Douglass. "From political figures to priests to celebrities — with all the sexual oppression in the world, it's no wonder these issues have blown up in the media." Douglass describes his feelings watching a beloved childhood friend overcome a tough upbringing to marry the love of her life in the piano-driven opening track, "Broken Through." BATTLER's epic ballad, "Devotion," also portrays a similar surge of personal growth. "No Apology" confronts Douglass' life-long struggles with his father in a multi-layered, a cappella hymn. Douglass explains, "I'm much happier in my personal life these days; I'm letting a lot more positive people and energy into my life."

Douglass's evocative, alternative sound has been compared to Tori Amos, Jeff Buckley, Fiona Apple and Rufus Wainwright. His numerous accolades include being a finalist for both the 2005 International Songwriting Competition and the 2004 Independent Music Awards; he was the winner of the 2003 GrammyFest Awards in New York City, as well as the inaugural performer on the American Red Cross "Save A Life Tour" in 2003. Douglass actively appears at listening rooms, clubs, festivals, and campuses throughout the United States and has shared the stage with artists like They Might Be Giants, Melissa Ferrick, Jason Mraz, Regina Spektor, Third Eye Blind and Margaret Cho. Douglass' music video for "Hang Around" charted for six consecutive months on LOGO TV's "Click List" Top 10 Video Countdown in 2008, following similar success on LOGO TV with his video for "I Wanted To Run" in 2007.

Douglass has mastered the art of grassroots promotion with the help of his fan base. He has independently released seven full-length studio albums over the last decade through "Emote Records," a self-owned and operated record label. His last four albums were financed almost entirely by the support of his fans pre-ordering and contributing donations directly through his website. House concerts hosted also by fans make up a large portion of his national touring. "As a full-time independent artist, it's imperative to come up with intimate, new ways to remind people you’re still there," Douglass says.

Douglass was born and raised in rural Vermont, winning local talent shows in his early teens. He taught himself to play the piano and guitar by ear and took up songwriting in junior high. While attending Brewster Academy, a college-preparatory boarding high school in New Hampshire, Douglass composed and recorded the material for his first two albums. On graduation day, Brewster Academy's headmaster presented him with a music award, publicly announcing that Douglass was the first student he would ever encourage NOT to go to college and instead pursue his passion full time — advice Douglass ran with.



Written By: Gregory Douglass

God, take this canopy away from me, I need to reaquaint the sky,
we’ve done our best and so I’m leaving, ‘cause it’s my life it’s my life.

I know it’s hard enough to figure out what’s right and what’s a waste of time, just like how easy it can be to hold on to a lie.

I know everything is going to work out fine, I’ve been waiting for this day all this time, you’ve done everything that you could do,
but floating is just a waste of my foolish pride.

I’ll miss you hard enough to hide it,
I need you hard enough to try,
I love you hard enough to move on.

Believe me when I say I need this,
I’m sick and tired of this place,
believe me when you see the likes of it, or just the look on my face.

I Wanted To Run

Written By: Gregory Douglass

First they build you up,
then they knock you down.
Any way they can,
any way they know how.
See you standing there
in your Hollywood dream.
In a land where nothing's
really what it seems.

I wanted to run
but i guess that my fate’s
just not ready to go.

Public enemy
in the nick of time.
Different symphony
for a different time.
Everybody loves
everything you do.
Everybody wants to be
just like you.

Save your soul,
don’t let go.
Build your home
on your own.
Don’t be sold.

Upside Down

Written By: Gregory Douglass

show me another revolution
I know there must be a better resolution
and all the children at war with good intentions
for all the reasons inside that no one mentions
go on, go on, let the radio lie
go on, go on, all together

this world is hung over swinging upside down
and it seems to be hanging over me right now
this world is hung over swinging upside down
I think I’ve had enough by now
I think I’ve had enough by now

lets take another piece of heaven
along with all the kings soldiers in the kingdom
and send them rageing far off into the distance
with no real hope for a future of existance
go on, go on, let the radio lie
go on, go on all together

Hang Around

Written By: Gregory Douglass

free falling oh now where do i begin
free falling ‘till the birds forget to sing
but i found you in a crowd of anguish
standing on a solid ground
so true like you’re holding onto something
like you’ve been in love with me for centuries
singing hang around for me
you’ve got to hang around for me
if i’m gonna hang around for you
much better now lets take a look around
much better now as if i’m fine somehow
since i found you like a riddle answered
over the divine brigade
what was all the pain for
well, hell if i know
and how much do i have in store
hell if i know now i just don’t know

Who Knows

Written By: Gregory Douglass

if you think life is a road going nowhere than turn around turn around turn around
i think that people are worthy of their dreams but who knows
if you think life is a road headed nowhere than turn around turn around turn around
i think that truth is our only companion but who knows
do you find you are lost and you can’t make your way
through the alleys and corridors
and you always come back to the menacing fact
you are backwards and forwards and baffled and dazed and all wrong
if you think god is a great man in the sky don’t hold your breath honey don’t hold your breath
i think the answers are always around us but who knows
if you think love is a chance you have wasted don’t fold just yet honey don’t fold just yet
i think the last laugh will be had on you instead

Sail The Sea

Written By: Gregory Douglass

well she wanted to be with me
but she wanted to sail the sea
and make her grandfather proud
the way her father did in 1960

well she wanted to be with me
but she wanted to sail the sea
so she took all my love and money
and left me here in my misery

so don’t tell me how it’s gonna be all right
so don’t tell me how it’s gonna be all right
you don’t know a damn thing about my life
so why don’t you sit down and listen

like I said she wanted to be with me
but she wanted to sail the sea
and drown the weight of the world
beneath the blanket of the atlantic sea

well she wanted to be with me
but she wanted to sail the sea
so she never came back to me
and that’s all there is to that story

we go dreaming & dreaming
& dreaming until we wake up . . .

Witness Of Us

Written By: Gregory Douglass

Witness Of Us
by Gregory Douglass

Leave the candle burning bright
This long awaited night
So we can set things right.

Now it’s out of our control
And it’s tearing up my soul
So lets just let this go.

Love should never seem this sad
Let a love like this grow bad
From all the times we’ve had.

Now it’s out of our control
And I think we both know
The way that we must go.

Oh my love leave me a witness of us
Remember the love we shared that you use to call home
Oh my love leave me a witness of us
Leave me with more than just a shadow on the wall.

You are everything to me
And you will always be
So won’t you set me free?

Now it’s out of our control
A love that once was whole
Is suddenly no more.


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Who Knows
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