Gregory Lyght

Gregory Lyght


Direct from the heart, unique in sound and style, popular and wide in appeal, there is no genre or category label in which to pigeonhole Gregory Lyght. Based in dance hall, reggae, classical. rock and urban our music and message are real, honest deep. Gregory Lyght: a style all his own!


Influences: Bob Marley, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Eminem, GF Handel, Bono & U2, Neil Young, Igor Stravinski, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc, etc, etc...
Nobody can sound like us: anyone can relate to us!
Gregory and the doctor have existed as a recording unit for a few years now. We are now putting a live show together with our friends Joe, Jalé and Butcher, especially to play out in Canadian Music Week.


Bring Your Sadness

Written By: Gregory da Silva and Stu Shepherd

Gregory Lyght
Bring Your Sadness

©® 2004 Gregory da Silva and Stu Shepherd SOCAN
All lyrics by Gregory Lyght

Beautiful people!

Come, bring your sadness, come, bring it to me.
Bring your piece, you come give it to me.
I lived my life. I’ll tell you what I’ve seen:
Seen the ring of smoke, it rises through the trees.
Drugs and destruction have taken a part of me
Because of my life and what I’ve seen:
So much hate – hate’s inside of me.
Oh, God, what am I supposed to do to believe.

(Verse 1)
What’s happening, my best friend?
Are you drinking and smoking?
Sounds like you’re moving forward away from me.
Girl, you think I didn’t see or feel
All your emotions pulling from me?
And what was I supposed to be?
Was I supposed to be the person that you didn’t meet.
Or was I somebody that you didn’t need.

(Verse 2)
Let’s make some sense – we’re going to reason.
You are going to tell me how my moods change –
Like the seasons.
Never wanted you, but I wanted you, girl,
Through and through.
And what were you supposed to do
And were you supposed to let our love come through?
But you had your reasons, girl –
Just like my moods have their seasons –
Still missing you.


(Verse 3)
If I fail then I will pay the price.
And if we link up everything will be nice.
But trust me, girl, I want you in my life.
And if not, love, then I want you to fly.
Just fly, go on, reach to the highest heights.
If not with me – then somebody who makes you smile.
Sees all your strength inside,
Sees how you’re wicked and wild.

(Chorus repeat )


Malvern Originalite (5-song EP)
Crazy Life (5-song EP)
Currently no streaming

Set List

Special events sets only at this time, 2 sets, five-ten songs each (street parties, jams). Jalé and Joe currently have separate performing band (Garler) which Gregory guests. All of us have extensive previous live stage experience in bands including Ultrafine, BB Gabor, Guttergirl, Paris Black.