Gregory Miles Harris

Gregory Miles Harris


I just write songs in the perspective of other people


I was Born in massachusetts. My first whole day on earth was the darkest day of the year.The First Record I ever owned was a single of "believe it or not" Which is the theme to "the all american hero" I owned a small fischer price record player and played the shit out of that one.The First Tape I ever owned was The Ghostbuster Soundtrack".The First Time I went to buy a c.d. I ended up buying 3/ Nirvanas "Incesticide"/Mother Love Bones'"I don't know the name but it had stardog champion on it" and /T.L.C.s' "OOOOOOOH ON THE TLC TIP".The first song I ever learned how to play was "Thieves in the temple" by prince, which i learned on a little tiger electronics brand toy guitar, Thats when i was like 10ish. Around the same time I learned how to play old macdonald on one string of my brothers guitar. Years passed and I didnt touch any instuments. When i was 15 My friend dylan tought me power chords on the guitar and also kind of tought me "jane says".His dad had an accordian and we would try to play they might be giants songs on it. I bought a bass because it was the in thing to do and learned shit like" give it away" and some bass riff dylan wrote.A girl I was dating was into hardcore music, which is something i was never too into, but to look cool I joined "out of reach" with steve dias, mike morowitz and mike kilojea, I think we broke up but i'm not too sure how that ended..... Soon i started to dive into the world of hip-hop, which had always been something i was facinated with. I bought turntables and started to freestyle. I did some rapping with a band in highschool called "atomic ellis", but I don't think the whole band thought that was a direction to go in, so that was that.Again I drifted away from music. During the summer of 2000 I tried to reteach myself the guitar, playing a song by 311 called flowing.....and then i got heavy into weezer and the beatles. That fall I met Seth Linker Who taught me A lil bit more about what to do with a guitar. He introduced me to a book called "The Beatles Fake Book" which is a power chord beatles book. I kind of taught myself from there. There was like 300 songs i knew in that book. I then taught myself some basic piano using the same methods i used with guitar. And for the next year i dreamed of being a rockstar. The next summer I met a famous musician through a mutual friend, and I don't know if he was in a bad mood that night or what but I was so excited to meet him and he was a dick and that ruined rock music for me for about a year. Then one day I just started up again and kept myself intrigued. I then had a wacky idea to move to oregon to be in a band with my friend Mike Barron. That ended up happening for a year, but after a hard hitting summer of let downs and lack of motivation I decided it would be best if I went solo, P.s. They are now called the Prescott Trumbos and they rock more without me so check' em out. Yup so I guess now I am using myspace as a tool to see music from across the world.....I'm not sure If you have tried it but try looking at french indie bands of japenese folk music and shit like that........there is more out there than dave matthews and 311 and they (they being the man) (the man being fox and shit who ironicly own myspace)don't want you to see or hear but its there and it's great!!!!! 3-27 So right now my biggest influence is kimya dawson and my goal in life is to not be famous , but tour and tour and tour and meet cool people and see neat places and listen to music on the way and be happy


Tennesee Stomp

Written By: Gregory Miles Harris

I went down to the river with my fishing pole.
There I met the devil and he asked me for my soul.
He said "if fish are what you wish for, your wish is my comand" Pulled out a magic fishing pole and held it in his hand.

Said to my friend the devil "your offer I decline" Pulled out my can of worms and hooked one on the line.
I caught myself a catfish, a mackerel and a trout. Said "I'm the best fisherman in tennesee and bout that theres no dout"

Put my fish in a bucket and took em home with me. I left the devil standing there by the river near a tree.

Now dinners on the table cooked by my wife mary-lou. Catfish cakes with butter and a trout and makerel stew. Now I'd have to say the meal she cooked was the best I'd ever had. Which took me by suprise because her cookin's usualy bad.

I said the foods delicious and asked her bout her day. And nothing could prepare me for words that she would say. She said "while you were out there fishin' all day by the riverside, Sold my soul to the devil now I'm the best damn cook alive"

I looked outside my window saw the devil standing there. He winked at me and smiled and then he vanished in the air. Now this is not a fable boy you best listen to me. Said the devil is alive and well and lives in tennesee.

Set List

8 or 9 song set, songs vary