Greg Paul

Greg Paul


Acoustic based singer/ songwriter/ guitarist with strong vocals and melodic foundations. Heartfelt personal lyrics and easy to take harmonies without over-production or too much volume. Pure pop in the style of James Taylor, Stephen Bishop or Chris DeBurg.


Started as a lead vocalist/percussionist on the West Coast working the local OC/LA club scene. Played covers, got signed, recorded album, got dropped, figured out the only people who worked all the time were the sound and tech guys so hung out with them and discovered I was good at it. One thing led to another and the next thing you know...
I'm a Professional Sound Reinforcement Engineer for several major acts in the 70's and 80's. Toured for several years. Picked up guitar along the way. Asked a few people a few questions (hey, I had access) and learned from the best. About tone, about volume, about when NOT to play and what TO play.
Realized I was never destined to be a guitar god and could be even more expressive with my voice. Fronted several working cover bands over time.
Got off the road, raised a family and still perform. Old enough to know better but young enough to want to.
Still have something to say and hoping people still want to listen.
Used to fronting bigger bands (13 piece) with horns, now taking a mellower approach.
Staying acoustic and personal this time around.


Self released EP with 7 songs and an extra (bonus)

Set List

Over 300 working songs. A half dozen originals sprinkled in here and there. Everything from old Beatles and Roy Orbison to Gavin DeGraw and Maroon 5. The usual suspects: Buffett, James Taylor, C,S,N &Y, Eagles, Dylan, Petty but also Jackie Greene, Ray LaMontagne, Low Millions, Toby Keith and Marc Cohn.