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Bobcat Gray

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Avant-garde


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'Beatnik hip-hop psychedelic funk rock'.
Bobcat Gray's Greg Pilon tried to sum up his sound before he launched the band into another tune. And it was pretty bang-on: there was hip-hop-influenced spoken-word lyrics references to Kerouac, funky guitar and jam-band parts that could qualify as psychedelic. Not to mention a Mid-eastern Inspired wail halfway through the song.
Pilon pulled this off easily, mixing the myriad of influences into a set of music that fell on the heavier end of the blues influenced spectrum. Pilon shirtless and confident delivered raspy-edged vocals and the guitar chops of someone who's been playing for decades. Impressivley he is only 18.
This version of Bobcat Gray have been playing together for only a couple of months ( 2 weeks in fact ..ed) It's almost alarming to think that thay can only get better , for now The Black Sheep stage audience responded enthusiastically to the tight playing and hard rock blues... - OTTAWA CITIZEN JULY 10 2004

"Children's Hospital Fund raiser"

Greg Pilon has been called a "rebel Poet" who gets his music inspiration from diverse backgrounds. Greg was a founding member of Bobcat Gray, the young band who won the battle of the bands at Bluesfest 2003. After a successful year of playing most Ottawa venues they decided to seek solo careers. Greg has been compared to a young Sam Roberts/ Kurt Cobain / Jeff Martin and even Robert Plant. His guitar style and skills have been likened to Eric Clapton, Jimmy Paige and Jimi Hendrix.
- CHEO Bar-B-Q review

"Bobcat Grey on The Black Sheep Stage"

Shortly after forming, Bobcat Gray competed in the ‘Bluesfest Battle of the Bands’, where they played their way to victory and a gig on the Bluesfest Black Sheep Stage. Subsequent gigs have all met with rave reviews. Audiences continue to be intrigued by the unique fusions of blues, rock, reggae, as well as classical and middle-eastern influences in leader Greg Pilon’s songs. This young band’s versatility, musicianship, and energy have won over an ever-growing following - Bluesfest Review

"Bourbon Street Music Hall"

Friday Oct 1 Bobcat Gray played the new Bourbn Street Music Hall to great fanfare.

Comments included:
"These guys will be at the Junos in 2 years. ( Canadian Grammys)

"How can an 18 year old have such a sexy voice?" Natalie the co-owner :)

" They're good" Jeff the reluctant critic and jaded sound techie :)

"Hey tell me when and where they are playing again, I want to tell my friends and we'll check them out." The barman
- 01 Oct 2004

"Noon hour show"

They are GREAT, they are going to big, BIG BIG.

- Rogers Television

""renaissance "Classic Rock band"

The latest emerging young band from Ottawa who could have been a part of the 60's and 70's rock revolution can well be labeled a "renaissance" classic rock band by virtue of their unique original music. OTTAWA BLUES AND JAZZ GUIDE - Ottawa Blues and Jazz Guide

"Many Classic Rock influences"

I finally had a look at the (revised?) Bobcat Gray website. The MP3s were appreciated. I hear strong Jim Morrison and, maybe, Ian Anderson influences in different places (two excellent singers/musicians, IMHO).

Greg: your strong and maturing voice will carry you far, I think. The band seems pretty tight for having been together for such a short time.
- Jim Fish Photographer

"Awesome Local band"

I just heard your stuff on CKCU .If I could grab your CD it
would be much appreciated. It's great to hear something awesome on the
radio and then to hear that it's homegrown. ( I believe the track was From 8-note s..)

Eddie S. Carleton University Ottawa - E-mail from Carleton U Student

"Bobcat a big hit at Brock University"

I listened to all the mp3s you guys posted and they're awesome!! I've told all my
friends about your music and it seems to be a big hit around campus!!
Hopefully you guys will be able to make it out to St. Kitts sometime in the
near future!! - Erin W from St Catherines Ontario


The first Bobcat Gray CD is now available. In Ottawa you can get it at CD Warehouse, or on on our site. Steaming Mp3's are available on this EPK, and at Tracks from their upcoming CD "The Dark Aesthetic" Are now available on this EPK.

And check out our video at



Band Leader Greg Pilon has been honning his skills as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter since the age of 8. He's since blossomed into viruausity witing distinct songs with appeal broad enough to reach large audiences, but the musicality demaned by discerning indie markets. eaming up with an ace band and some celists, Bobcat Gray's show has gone to a whole new level, and always takes the audience along.