Greg Rapaport

Greg Rapaport


My music is progressive, dark fusion. It contains a healthy chunk of progressive metal welded to a jazz funk amalgam. Ingredients include odd meters, heavy riffing, jazzy interludes, fiery soloing and deep horrifying grooves.


Greg Rapaport is a seven-string guitarist whose musical focus is a combination of progressive-metal and jazz-fusion. His music is dark, atmospheric and
heavy. Since he has a keen interest in many different genres of music he has over time integrated jazz and funk into his progressive metal foundation. This in turn creates a mix of music that keeps the listener on their toes.

The Rapaport Project came about in December of 2006. Bass player, Chris Saas, a long time friend of Greg Rapaport, asked why he never had taken his original material to a live audience. At that time Greg had presumed that finding like minded musicians to help bring his music to life would have posed too big a challenge. It turns out that Greg was able to enlist drummer Nick Vara, and Chris into this musical endeavor. With steady rehearsing and hard work the Rapaport Project is up and running and starting to play shows in the New York metropolitan area. With an hours worth of Rapaport's original material including: The Brawler, No Solace, Tech Support and Trust. And with a few surprise covers put into the mix, Rapaport's trio delivers an electric performance of some very challenging instrumental music. This trio's work ethic is passionate. They are constantly working on new material to add to their increasing repertoire while always polishing their existing material.

Homunculus - 2006
The sickness continues as Greg delves deep into the grey matter on his third release, Homunculus.
Rooting around and exploring different attributes of the human psyche, Greg outlines his findings with
each song representing an emotional attribute through its style and composition. The main ingredients; fusion, progressive metal and funk are present, just now at industrial strength. Homunculus marks the return of Greg Rapaport's guitar mastery that has been captivating both fans and critics of the instrumental guitar scene since 2001.

A seasoned player of 25 years Greg has grown into a competent songwriter and soloist. His influences include Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, Jimmy Page and Frank Gambale. Also influential in Greg's development is his work in area bands. Teaching part time has also helped widen his scope musically while providing many new and different musical perspectives.


Nero "Finally" 1998 Band Project
"Waiting For Darker Skies" 1998 Solo project (out of print)
"Artifacts" 1999 Solo project (out of print)
"Wyrd" 2001 Solo project
"Azrael Block" 2003 Solo project
"Homunculus" 2006 Solo project

Set List

Set consists of all original material:

Diminished Returns
Tech Support
The Brawler
The Jester
No Solace

Covers include:
Protocosmos - Tony Williams Lifetime
Led Boots - Jeff Beck

Setliist is always growing.