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"Live4Metal - Reviews"

Greg Rapaport - Homunculus (Splinterhead Productions) By: Joe Florez
Sometimes, I can find a true gem of a disc from a complete unknown. In this case it’s Greg Rapaport. This is the axe slingers fourth venture into instrumental land. Is it the 80s all over again? Because I have been receiving plenty of these lately. Anyway, what drew me to review this latest offering is that when I opened up the booklet I saw a lot of different people on there with expressions and outfits. I had no idea what this was about so I read the bio sheet and looked up more info on the site. What we have here is eleven songs and individuals. Each one is supposed to represent a facet of personality. That means that each track will have its own identity. Well, let’s forge ahead.

“The Sojourner (Confined)” is a very colorful piece that is nicely textured with aggressive and heavy guitar licks. Just as you are about to get comfortable with his vibe he quickly throws in some funky/jazzy riffs into the mix, but then soon exits the picture and goes back to throwing down. As we get further into the song you can tell that he eases up the mood just a tad with some sensitivity. I like this because it’s not overly complicated and has for the most part a consistency that is easy to swallow, not to mention enjoyable. It does manage to get repetitive after a while, it could have been trimmed down just a tad and the experience would have been even more perfect. Synths are utilized here and everywhere else on the disc. Since he is a one man army, not only does he supply the bass lines, but also does the programming. Some might already say that they have heard this style/genre a million times over. I would too just based on this review, but you truly haven’t. This is jam packed with surprises from start to finish. As we move along on the disc, you don’t get the opportunity to hear a real solo until the fourth track “The Scapegoat (Revenge).” It is there that not only does Greg lay down a more intricate compositions, but when it’s time to get down he shines. He shreds and plays furiously, but never gets obnoxious with it and it only lasts for a moment or two before getting back into his groove once again. “The Alchemist (Infernal) ventures off into progressive/jazz/fusion territory with results that are highly original. I must admit, I wasn’t prepared for a journey quite like this. It was a unique experience that will need to be explored time and time again because there is a lot going on. There are some common musical threads that are found on each track, but like I mentioned earlier they all have their own identity. Greg has put a lot of time and effort into this which should pay off. He isn’t a show boater because the disc isn’t loaded with million mile an hour shreds or over the top technical writing skills. In other words, it’s not robotic or blueprint sounding. He has feeling and passion and it shows on every track. They were all crafted with care. For a one man gang, Mr. Rapaport did a good job on performing, recording, mixing and mastering. However, I would like to see him focus more on just one instrument and have some other folks join the ranks. Also, he should get a producer for the simple fact that he can guide him and tell him what should stay and go. When you do this by yourself, you can get carried away and leave everything, which would make all of your songs long and eventually get tedious. There is nothing wrong with trimming some fat. Besides, sometimes you can knock the songs out of the ball pack by tightening up a bit. There is definitely something here for everyone on this self released disc. It’s a fun ride to partake in and even cooler if you have your headphones on. You can get lost in the music rather quickly. Do yourself a favor and support this one. Trust me, plenty of golden nuggets here. | - Live4Metal

"Adrenaline Fanzine - Reviews"

GREG RAPAPORT - "Homunculus" (Splinterhead Productions, Inc.)
Style - Progressive Rock/Metal
Origin - New York
Jeremy's Review - At last, something I can soak my mind into. Greg Rapaport, in his latest endeavor, Homunculus, blends heavy metal, rock, blues, jazz, and his own unique touch to create an instrumental montage that deserves attention. Homunculus is a journey through all the aspects of human personality, and tracks are named according to each idea. The Alchemist (Infernal), for example, describes (in my humble observation) the mysteries of a creative mind who begs to question all norms and rebel to reinvent reality. Yes, I'm that messed up. Listening to each song in succession brings new ideas and images that evolve with every spin. This is music that makes you think, imagine, and enjoy; or just play in the background, because it's just that groovy.

Normally, when one-man bands (even full-member bands) put something out, it feels artificial and over-produced. You can tell each song is pieced together track-by-track, like a cheap puzzle. Not this guy. Although created at his home studio all by himself, all his instruments blend together seamlessly as if a live band is performing right here in my speakers. He jams, he wails. He shreds. The drumming and bass are well-planned and groovy at the best moments, while the atmospheric "fusion" highlights each track to make them all stand out (the electric sounds of The Alchemist mid-song are so Thomas Edison).

All in all, if you're a fan of any blues, jazz, and rock/metal guitars, this is some inspiring music to listen to. It reminds me of Liquid Tension Experiment, Steve Vai, Rush, etc. There's just so much going in here, my brain waves are jumping all over the place. Buy Greg Rapaport.

Production: 9 Performance: 10 Originality: 9 Tilt: 10
Overall: 9.5 - Adrenaline Fanzine


Nero "Finally" 1998 Band Project
"Waiting For Darker Skies" 1998 Solo project (out of print)
"Artifacts" 1999 Solo project (out of print)
"Wyrd" 2001 Solo project
"Azrael Block" 2003 Solo project
"Homunculus" 2006 Solo project



Greg Rapaport is a seven-string guitarist whose musical focus is a combination of progressive-metal and jazz-fusion. His music is dark, atmospheric and
heavy. Since he has a keen interest in many different genres of music he has over time integrated jazz and funk into his progressive metal foundation. This in turn creates a mix of music that keeps the listener on their toes.

The Rapaport Project came about in December of 2006. Bass player, Chris Saas, a long time friend of Greg Rapaport, asked why he never had taken his original material to a live audience. At that time Greg had presumed that finding like minded musicians to help bring his music to life would have posed too big a challenge. It turns out that Greg was able to enlist drummer Nick Vara, and Chris into this musical endeavor. With steady rehearsing and hard work the Rapaport Project is up and running and starting to play shows in the New York metropolitan area. With an hours worth of Rapaport's original material including: The Brawler, No Solace, Tech Support and Trust. And with a few surprise covers put into the mix, Rapaport's trio delivers an electric performance of some very challenging instrumental music. This trio's work ethic is passionate. They are constantly working on new material to add to their increasing repertoire while always polishing their existing material.

Homunculus - 2006
The sickness continues as Greg delves deep into the grey matter on his third release, Homunculus.
Rooting around and exploring different attributes of the human psyche, Greg outlines his findings with
each song representing an emotional attribute through its style and composition. The main ingredients; fusion, progressive metal and funk are present, just now at industrial strength. Homunculus marks the return of Greg Rapaport's guitar mastery that has been captivating both fans and critics of the instrumental guitar scene since 2001.

A seasoned player of 25 years Greg has grown into a competent songwriter and soloist. His influences include Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth, Greg Howe, Jimmy Page and Frank Gambale. Also influential in Greg's development is his work in area bands. Teaching part time has also helped widen his scope musically while providing many new and different musical perspectives.