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Greg Reed

Bellingham, Washington, United States

Bellingham, Washington, United States
Solo Rock Pop


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"Greg Reed - Spruce Goose"

Greg Reed has had an interesting path that led him to his latest solo effort entitled Spruce Goose. Reed’s musical endeavors started at the age of ten when he started studying violin. As the years progressed he joined choirs as well as orchestras but it wasn't until college that he began to have an interest in creating his own music.

After college he moved to Chicago where he started a band called Certain Company that gigged regularly around the city. Five years later he moved to South Korea where he continued to play with bands such as The Hunger Tree while also working on solo material and teaching kindergarten. During his last month in Korea he recorded Spruce Goose and eventually made his way to Bellingham, WA where his still makes music and teaches.

Spruce Goose is a five-song EP that combines various genres like folk, rock, and pop to create a solid album. The songs are well written and the music is varied, as the instrumentation is rich, bursting with orchestral instruments like violin, acoustic guitar, drums and bass. Reed sings with a childlike innocence that is often confronted with triumphant vocal passages that brim with confidence.

The first song on the EP “Leaving Chicago” is obviously about his trip to South Korea. It is a song about revival, appreciating the past and looking forward to the future as he sings “That’s right, I’m leavin the thought of leaving behind / I’m past past-due on time, and time’s a-wastin.” The song bursts with cathartic energy that is grounded in progressive folk music and has elements of rock. ”Reborn” is a solid song with the catchiest lead guitar on the album while “Made Criminal” didn't leave as much of an impression on me.

The EP ends with “Faith of the Sun,” which was the highlight of the album. His violin work as well as his bass work is quite impressive in this one. I appreciated the Simon and Garfunkel vibe throughout the song.

Reed is a talented musician. Spruce Goose isn’t a perfect set of songs but there are some inventive moments on this EP you will not want to miss. - The Equal Ground

"Spruce Goose EP Review"

Inspiring such comparisons as Andrew Bird and The Barenaked Ladies, Spruce Goose is at times pure folky goodness, speaking of love of home in his ode Leaving Chicago and pleading with us to live as one, and let love in our hearts in tracks like Faith of the Sun, and at times reminiscent of classic rock with tight guitar licks and expert instrumentation, specifically in Reborn. Reed’s classical violin training is evident in his string compositions mixed throughout the EP, particularly lovely in Made Criminal, making this more than just your average indie EP. The strength of Reed’s songs are in his well crafted musical stories, building intensity both with rhythmic guitar sections, swelling violin tones, clever and tender lyrics and energetic vocals, then bringing it down just enough to ready you for the next moment. The sound is full, the pace satisfying and it definitely leaves the listeners ready for the full-length album. - Jennifer Waescher

"Folklore Troubadour Review"

In Folklore Troubadour, Zimmerman gets to experiment more with his own interests and talents. While brilliant, an artist's favorite pieces may not always be mainstream, and a solo project gives one the chance to play and challenge their own beliefs and convictions. Zimmerman's overarching themes seem to delve from dreams of a Utopian world, built on true love and striving for something better. Never satisfied and never settled, he begs for more passion, more fulfillment, and better days of back and looking forward.

Whether a folk ballad like the kick-off tune in "No Time to Lose", or a 90's catchy-tune rock like "Taught Me", his diverse talents reflect a youth and influence ranging from Sinatra to The Doors. An overdriven guitar, gentle plucking of an acoustic, mixing his own harmonic vocals, wicked drum breakdowns, and even lofty violin all originate from this artist's studio and create an album that will have you toe-tapping and already singing along by the second chorus.

Personal favorites of mine are "You Know What I Want", where Zimmerman lures his evening lover with bongos and sweet harmony; and "Spumento", a catchy 90's tune that has you bouncing your foot along to his guitar rhythm. "Dargento and the Legion of Death" simply has to bring a smile to your face, as every Lord of the Rings fan now has a rock ballad to go along with the film. "Backporch Blues" drips the essence of a slow jam from AC/DC, and you find B.B. King throwing his fingers onto the neck of Zimmerman's Stratocaster in the closing number of "Queen of Spades." Zimmerman loves the blues, and you can hear he's having a great time sharing it in the final piece.
It's a roller coaster of an album, but you can hear Zimmerman's smart smirk behind every lyric, and he's loving what he's doing. The music takes you down a positive road and through rolling tunnels of life crafted in the Midwest and aboard racing sailboats, and reminds you of your first love, your first political rally, or sipping some fresh-squeezed lemonade on a summer afternoon with friends. You finish imbibing this album and feel refreshed, energized, and right with the world. It's a musical high five.
So for a journey through music history and an enjoyable, toe-tapping, great back-porch-in-the-spring album, check out the music online: - Ben Cober of Cin Weekly


Folklore Troubadour - LP



Greg Reed is a solo musician currently residing in Bellingham, WA. His energetic performances encompass a diverse range of styles including rock, pop, blues, folk, and orchestral. On stage, Greg uses a myriad of guitars, effects, and loops to create eclectic soundscapes. This setup broadens the range of emotions in his songs, which vary from introverted ballads to dance pop.

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