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New Haven, Connecticut, United States | SELF

New Haven, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Blues Soul


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"Norwalk Southern Rock Band on the Rise"

In the midst of Range Rovers and Jaguars clogging up I-95 on a clear crispy Friday night. When like a bolt of lightning a dozen hungry mules pulling a covered wagon shoots past them all. A throwback in time perhaps? No, just Norwalk, CT-based southern fried slamsters Sol Dog, heading for their next gig. (Well not really but you get the picture.)
I was quite happily surprised when I slid this disc into my player and on a whim decided to put the volume on 11. Like a breath of fresh air, a tight, melodic, crisp southern wind blew through my living room. Okay, enough analogies.
Fronted by lead guitarist Rev (a cross between Sam Elliot and James Hetfield), Sol Dog marches through a series of bluesy, finger snapping funky jams, reminiscent of Gov’t Mule meets Little Feat at an Allman Brothers show. It features Ron Rifkin on the Hammond organ, piano and vocals, Curtis “Miles” Long on bass guitar and Mark Rudzinski on drums and vocals.
The songwriting is sharp and the band is all the way in the pocket. They are currently playing at a saloon near you as they look to secure management in the near future. They have secured a spot on the release of the Utopia Compilation series. - By Mike Quinton More Sugar Magazine

"Night Life. No Time Like the Present"

…Friday night Sol Dog (pictured) is set to rock the foundation at Jimmy’s Seaside. Rooted in the blues and, we suspect, taking frequent pilgrimages to the lunatic fringe, these four guys make one hell of a lot of noise – and we mean that in a good way. After perusing the website ( – oh! how we love technology – this quote from guitarist, The Reverend, seemed to sum it all up. “When not playing his guitar way too loud, Rev enjoys a number of hobbies including, travel, history, and martial arts, and tottering on the uttermost brink of the windy abyss that is the pit of absolute insanity.” Hell, you can tell these are consummate musicians without hearing a lick. - The Fairfield County Weekly. By Terri Lagerstedt

"Beltaine Festival 2004"

Veronica was just walking into the campsite then with a bottle of homemade Mango Meade, and we got a delicious sample sip of that delicious beverage before heading back down to the main site, as soon as we heard Sol Dog tuning up to play.

The Concert was terrific. It was great to see little children dancing along side their parents to the "Southern rock/Jamband" style of SOL DOG. The band was terrific, and very friendly, and we enjoyed the tunes immensely. - Review by Raine Littlewaters

"Reviews From purchasers at"

“5 out of 5 Stars” World class champions on their way.....
Yes ,here is the next big ,big thing!!Fantastic songs ,melodic and feeling makes every real southern/blues and jam rocker more than satisfied. Iìm absolute happy with this great cd ,it`s hard to find this music level here in Germany. This is a must!! Rainer Klare , Southern Rock Team Bad Laer ,Germany

“5 out of 5 stars”Hard Hittin' Rock & Roll
Reviewer: Stevie Steve
Rock and Roll the way it should be played. Sol Dog, always a great live band, have caught a slice of that magic on this Johnny Neel (ABB) produced CD. Their influences shine through (The Stones, Gov't Mule, Allmans, The Dead, Little Feat)yet retain a sound all their own. From the Jack Daniels swagger of Can't Understand through Fifteen seconds Of Johnny, this is a CD that you will go back to again and again. That is always the sign of good music. Give Whatever Gets You There a whirl. You won't be disappointed

“5 out of 5 stars”Love this music!!
Reviewer: ValkyryGrl
This album is the incredible refinement of what we all love about Sol Dog. The music is focused, yet loose and is a movingly soulful expression of a beautiful, view on life. The music is full of rythm and fun and makes you just want to dance, yet the poetic lyrics are heart-felt and honest and truly convey the emotions of the musicians. This is an woncerful addition to anyone's collection.

“4 out of 5 stars"must-have music
Reviewer: trcharisse
this is just great, fun, feel-good music.

"5 out of 5 stars"Sol Dog's arrival album
Reviewer: poorwyrdbob
The sound of summertime the clean sound from a great in person band is captured on the CD. World class vocals backed up by a hard playing band and lyrics that aren't just a backdrop for the rythm make for a great CD.

"5 out of 5 stars"Sol dog has done it “5out of 5 stars"again!!
Reviewer: Rowan
“What Ever Gets You There” is proof that this band has found their groove. Under the skillful guidance of Johnny Neel, Sol Dog was able to unleash their talent and produce a CD that is a testament to their abilities as musicians and songwriters. This group is a great bunch of friends and it shows through their music. This CD is a hip-swinging-booty-shakin-good-time-mix of Funk, Blues and Rock & Roll. A must have for any music collection.

“5 out of 5 stars"Outstanding!
Reviewer: Rose
Sol Dog proves again what an extraordinary blend of talent they share....Whatever Gets You There shows the band's increasing maturity as professional musicians and song writers. Winding your way through soulful lyrics and hip-grinding funk- this is clearly an album to listen to again, and again, and again.........

Not for the Futh minded
“5 out of 5 stars"Reviewer: Utgar
I'm not one who get's into writing reviews or who get's so into music that I know alot about the underground bands like Government Mule and Phish. But I do know what I like and I like Sol Dog. This album really puts it out there. If you like great good o'l Rock N' Roll, you will love these guys. I gove em two thumbs up plus a boner. Bands like Sol Dog are what's keeping the true meaning of Rock N' Roll alive today

“5 out of 5stars"Spirit, Drive, Heartfelt Blues and Rock&Roll from the Soul
Reviewer: Snaeulf of Shrewwood
Wake up to Sol Dog! This CD greets you like a friend and takes you on a drive that you don't want to end. The spirit behind these songs feels like warm memories and truthful tales from our lives come to verse, and the Rock&Roll driven Blues picks you up and carries you to a place you want to be. Do yourself a favor and let Whatever Gets You There take you for a ride!

“5 out of 5 stars"Rock and roll the way it should be!
Reviewer: Aahzz
With strong musicianship and songwriting, Sol Dog has recorded an album that showcases the band's strengths. Influences from blues, southern rock, and funk show through, yet they maintain a sound that's pure Sol Dog. The band is playing extremely well together, functioning as a tight unit. The instrumental solos show Sol Dog's talent as a jam oriented band, without ever going overboard into self-indulgence. Highly recommended. - CD Baby


"Blues for Carrie"



Greg Sherrod has been entertaining audiences in the New England region for 22 years, playing music in the best venues in the area. He spent many years involved in musical theater starring in many productions like Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas), Nunsence (Sister Hubert), and being involved in Dandelion Children's Theater, He has taken the stage with bands like The Clarke Brothers, Powerhouse, Sugar Daddy and, The Highrollers He also supported or played with acts like Tower of Power, John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band, King's X, Deep Banana Blackout, E.C. Scott, K.D. Bell, and James Motgomery. Greg also led the house band at The Newport Blues Cafe.