The Greg Smith Group

The Greg Smith Group

 New York City, New York, USA

The Greg Smith Group's material combines powerful vocal hooks that won't quit, interlocking, even dueling, bluesy-rock guitars, and synth sounds that range from beautifully futuristic to rippingly robotic! All laid atop a groove-ready, rock-solid rhythm section.


Musician-songwriter-performer Greg Smith is gaining notoriety as a top-notch guitarist and singer with a unique style and voice, a songwriter with a true and ever-expanding mastery of his art, and a compelling live performer.

The Greg Smith Group has built a solid following in New York City while continuing to expand regionally.



Written By: Gregory M. Smith

Apart © 2009 Gregory M. Smith

Do you know how it feels to be apart?
Sittin' wonderin' if your baby's thinking about you?
How's my better half living?
I hope she's having fun...

But, not too much fun. Oh, no.
'Cause I'm not having fun.
And, I just want to say to her,

"Girl, you and I weren't meant to have our world torn apart.
And, even though it doesn't feel the same as it did at the start,
You know I believe in you and in you and me.
You and I were never meant to be apart.


Does this jealousy ever drive you mad?
Do you ever get scared? Maybe she doesn't love you?
Is this the story-line's ending?
Have I seen this one before?

Don't want to wanna watch anymore. Oh, no.
'Cause it don't look like fun.
And, I still want to say to her,



You and I weren't meant to have our world torn apart.
And, even though it doesn't feel the same as it did at the start...


Give Me a Reason

Written By: Gregory M. Smith

Give Me a Reason © 2009 Gregory M. Smith

Hold on to what you've got.
Your future doesn't lie with hers.
Don't give in. Please! Won't you just hold on?
You know where you've got to go.

Give me a reason.
One that's airtight.
A justification for why I should hold you for one more night.
And, tell me slowly
So I'll understand,
So that in a little while I'll be eating from the palm of your hand.

You're gonna give me a reason, baby,
Why I should stay till the morning light.
And, I can't think of a reason to say, "Goodnight."

Can you find a solution?
One that makes sense?
At this stage of the game, I'm not about leaving things up to chance.
You're a pretty girl.
One with sweet kisses, too.
I guess we just get along too well and I've got other things that I need to do.



Sometimes, I think that I love you,
But I just can't be sure.
I tell you, I'll end this all right now if you just change the locks on your door.

You're gonna give me! How, you're gonna give me!


Such a Long Time, single 2010
Apart, single 2010
Give Me a Reason, single 2010

Set List

1. Wedded Gun
2. Highway Yeller
3. Tangle
4. The Apple-Pied Piper
5. So Long to Heather
6. A Night Well-Spent
7. Saving All of My Love (cover)
8. Cry
9. Silent Switch