Greg Studley

Greg Studley

 Sherman Oaks, California, USA
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High class low brow, brilliantly stupid, yet introspectively observational comedy delivered by the shyest guy on stage; an antisocial socialite, the aptly ironically-named, Greg Studley.


Tired of the hot overcrowded slum teeming with other imitators and wannabees and the nagging sense of "incompleteness", Greg left his Father's testes and moved into an egg in the more comfortable and roomy digs of his Mother's womb. For the first time, he was happy. But alas, this would be a short stay. He was evicted and cut off after only nine months, and forced to brave the Stephen King like shenanigans one did when growing up in the small New England town of Leiecester, MA.

Greg found out rather quickly he was not like his fellow New Englandahs. For one, he didn't have the accent. Nor could he build or fix anything. However, he was always kept on his building and fixing crews because he would make the guys who could build and fix laugh their heads off on the way to the site of the next broken or not-yet-built thing.

Greg attended Emerson college where he hosted a radio show and did his internship at The Howard Stern Show in New York City.

Greg moved from Boston to Los Angeles after graduating to pursue a writing career and be cliche, so after 8 years of bartending, "The Boys and Girls Guide To Getting Down" was made; a film which Greg both co wrote and landed the role of "Greg", a role he feels he was born to play.

Stand up had always been something Greg considered, but the thought of being up there in front of all those people, alone, with only material he wrote himself was terrifying until he sat through the "collaborative process of film development" and soon after that nightmare, snakes, testicular trauma and becoming his parents had reclaimed their spots on the fear list.


Fishin's Mean (Glycerine Song Parody)

Written By: Greg Studley

It must be your fins,
your scaly skin
must be the way
They reeled you in

Like out of a dream
the way you swim upstream
you work so hard
to make offspring

you swim in a school
but learn nothing
since when do worms
go swimming

They use Radar
How bout that?
They'll always know where you're at

just let the worm float by
fishin's mean
fishin's mean

It's an unfair game
you're the Deadliest Catch
The Perfect Storm
makes it a fairer match

We live on the land
From the ocean we steal
Drive down the street
There's a seafood deal

The hook goes through
pierce your face
Won't eat any more
You got a fishy taste

Just let the worm go by
Could been easier than sea
Coulda gone out and bought sushi
Shouldn't have Global Warming
Poison man with mercury

Fishin's mean. Fishin's mean.

Don't let the ocean die Fishin's Mean.
Don't let the ocean diiieeieiiieieieieiiieiieieieieiei

Fishin's Mean! ! Fishin's Mean

Fishin's Mean! Fishin's Mean!

Ate Red Tide Again
Ate Red Tide Again
Crab Crackin Tuesday

Home to whales and zooplankton
Cephalopods not pollution
Crusteacean's like shrimp and krill
I'll tsunami you for that oil spill

don't let the ocean die
i'm an inconvenient truth, truth, truth
fishin's mean, fishin's mean, fishin's mean, fishin's mean