Greg Talmage

Greg Talmage


If Celine Deion stumbled upon one of the Greg Talmage Band’s shows, she would surely spontaneously combust, but who cares? In essence, we are the bastard love child of Gavin Degraw and Kelly Clarkson with Stevie Wonder calling the shots in the delivery room.


If Celine Deion stumbled upon one of the Greg Talmage Band’s shows, she would surely spontaneously combust, but who cares? The fact is Celine Deion could no more judge the virtue of the Greg Talmage Band’s music or performance than David Hasselhoff could actually judge if America truly has talent. Unapologetically appealing to crowds of all ages and tastes with tales of emotional recklessness, spite, betrayal, love, happiness and personal downfall, the Greg Talmage Band can move the dance floor, can move the hearts of even the sappiest teeny boppers, and will hopefully move your imagination as to what a songwriter can become.

Drawing from roots in rock, soul, R&B, funk, and even potentially reggae (ok, it’s a stretch…), the Greg Talmage Band’s music is a constantly moving, constantly morphing experience that is anything but one-dimensional. “I think that the combination of our musical influences like Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, etc., combined with the natural influence that we’ve had as a result of living in the music-rich area of southeastern Louisiana gives us one of those styles that is likeable to a lot of people, from that one guy always yelling at us to play “Freebird,” to the diehard underground original music fan,” says Talmage, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of GTB.

Formed in February of 2006, the Greg Talmage Band has transformed from a last-minute backing band for what was once a solo acoustic songwriter act into a group of musicians who work, live, and play together all with one intertwined future. “We all bring something a little different to the table,” says Talmage. “(Nick) Spano has this kinda crazy funkiness about him that shakes the room and keeps the dance floor moving. John-Mark helps bring us to this level where we can definitely call ourselves a ROCK band, and nobody will be like, ‘These guys rock?’ and Austin is kind of our savant, with a lot of boyish enthusiasm for everything. I still haven’t figured out what exactly I bring though…”

With a touring region that now extends from Austin, TX to the Pittsburg area, the Greg Talmage Band is ready to take on all the obstacles and challenges that face today’s touring bands. “It’s really crazy,” notes Spano, “because we went from a place, Baton Rouge, where we were totally comfortable and could draw a pretty decent crowd to playing in front of a much smaller group of people who just look at us with this blank and very critical look on their faces while they decide whether or not they like us.” The band’s road excursions have been successful, however, and those critical looks have turned to looks of complete approval and shouts of ,”ONE MORE SONG!” and occasionally, yes, Freebird.


The Way It Goes - 2007
Self Titled EP - 2006
The Other Side (acoustic) EP - 2005

Set List

All originals plus a couple covers... about an hour and a half - hour and forty-five.

How Much Longer
Foxey Lady
Measure Up
Song for Nicole
60 Years
All I've Waited For
Use Me (Bill Withers Medley)
The Way It Goes
Girls That Play Games are Stupid
Sweetest Lie