Greg Vendetti

Greg Vendetti


Greg displays a diverse and marketable sound that is incomparable to anyone. Mixing a strong Soul and Pop sensuality with a Hard Rock edge, he offers a stage show that no one in the audience will forget.


Greg Vendetti was born in small town, Guilford, Connecticut on January 21, 1985. As his aspirations grew from one-time superhero and professional athlete, they became more attuned to musical enlightenment. From an early age he would perform at family gatherings and social functions, establishing a strong love for an audience. As he entered high school, his teachings came in the form of independent study and private tutoring as he began his development in all styles of music. Inside of school, however, he pursued his studies in classical training, singing arias and oratorios that would eventually create the fuel that drove him in his musical ambition.

During this time of young adulthood, his songwriting was born. He began his expression with an old guitar he found in his basement, making melodies and playful rhythmic patterns that would consume his days. He found himself collaborating in bands and with other local artists as well, learning the processes of songwriting.

In 2003, he became enrolled at Loyola University of New Orleans, Louisiana where he immersed himself in the perfection of his craft. He was guided by his professors and instructors to become the best MUSICIAN he could be. Therefore, his curriculum consisted of rigorous classical vocal training, music theory, and other contrapuntal studies. In addition to his musical studies, he pursued a better understanding of the surrounding industry, learning proper ethics and formal music business skills.

In 2007, Greg graduated from Loyola's College of Music with a Bachelor's degree in Music Business and Vocal Performance.


Live at The Howlin' Wolf - 2007
Encounters - EP - 2007