Greg Warren

Greg Warren


Greg Warren has recently been featured in his own half hour Comedy Central special and is a favorite on the nationally syndicated, "Bob and Tom" Radio show. Greg's "Flute Man" bit is one of the most requested bits in the history of the "Bob and Tom" show.


"Everyone really liked the show and had a great time. He was a blast to work with!"
-Craig Robertson
McKendree University

Greg Warren hails from St. Louis, MO, where his father was a high school wrestling coach and his mother made him play clarinet in the band. He has captivated audiences with anecdotes about the conflict inherent in meshing two high school identities—varsity wrestler and band geek. Greg’s “Flute Man” bit is a perfect description of the insecurities of high school and the ongoing quest to be cool. During his first year of college, Greg attended West Point Academy, where he distinguished himself by amassing an impressive tally of demerits and endless hours of pointless marching. After moving on to the University of Missouri, he studied journalism and was named an All-American college wrestler.

While in college, Greg won a comedy contest and was invited to perform at Déjà Vu in Columbia, MO. After a stint selling Jif and Pringles for corporate giant Procter & Gamble, Greg made the decision to become a full time comedian. This bold move led to an invitation to the prestigious “Just for Laughs Festival” in Montreal in 2002, where Greg performed as one of their “New Faces of Comedy”. He has also been featured on the Comedy Central show, “Premium Blend”.

Greg has most recently been seen on his own half-hour special, “Comedy Central Presents Greg Warren.” He was a finalist on "Last Comic Standing,” BET’s “Coming to the Stage,” and Country Music Television’s “Comedy Stage”. Greg is also a favorite on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom” radio show, which led him to tour theaters across the country with the “Friends of Bob and Tom Comedy Tour”.

In addition to his television and festival appearances, Greg continues to tour all across the country, performing his act at clubs such as the Funny Bone and the Improv. Greg’s wrestling background recently resulted in a gig doing color commentary on college wrestling for Fox Sports Midwest.


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