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Rock Away

Written By: Greg Young

Rock Away
(A Song for Toni)
Greg Young

Images that hold me in the past
Awakened by the memory of your laughter
Hoped somehow our days would always last
To share our love forever after.
(Softly as the breeze)
In the breeze I hear the angels sing
(Listen, hear our voice today)
Listen as God’s call helps us find our way
(Like the pounding sea)
Proud to know just what your faith does bring
Please know we mean it love, when we say.

Rock Away, Rock Away, Hear the Lord’s Band Rockin
Know someday we’ll choose the path you’re walkin
Rock Away, Rock Away, Hear all the angels talkin
She groves, she can sway,
Always so proud to display
In every way, please don’t delay
Rock Away.

Rising moon calls softly from the sky
From each star above your memories flicker
Know that someday together, we’ll fly
Our sorrow is that you left quicker.
(Music fills the air)
All around us the music fills the air
(Chords and beats in nature’s display)
Riffs and beats abound from wind that makes trees sway
(In our hearts you’re there)
Always know inside our hearts you’re always there
Please hear us, love
When we say again

Rock Away, Rock Away
Hope there’s a giant dance floor
(Know she’ll say)
Don’t ever stop, please play more
Rock Away, Rock Away
She’s one they’ll adore
(Like us every day, help lost souls find their way)
Pray for that day, Rock Away.

Way up above in the front row
We know you’ll watch all the greats play
We will join you bathed in God’s glow
To dance, sing and sway,
Rejoice in every way
Please everyday,
Rock Away.

Written especially for Toni Jaye Hightower Bradbury Young
Born- January 24, 1960 in Twin Falls, Idaho
Went to Heaven -March 24, 2009 in Fresno, CA