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Daddy had a guitar
He used to haul around
Played in every honky tonk
That trouble could be found
Whiskey and bad women
Were payment for that life
Till the night he crashed a car
And killed the sherriffs wife


Now He's playin' for the door
In cell two eighty eight
Wishin' it'd swing open
And close the devils gate
If someone up above
Would hear those words he plays
An angel would come down
And roll his stone away

The warden handed him a bible
He read five hundred times
Woke up ten thousand mornin's
And never saw sunshine
Lived his life with desperate men
Who'd done a million wrongs
Smoked sixty miles of cigarettes
And wrote a thousand songs

(verse three)

He wrote songs about my momma
The widow of his love
Songs about Jesus
Our saviour from above
Songs that soothe the soul
And chase the blues away
Those songs in His guitar
Healed his evil ways



Saw you at the pawnshop
Where desperate people sell their dreams
That shattered look of lonesome
When that man paid you for your rings
Broken dreams and a broken heart
Has gettin' even on your mind
Let's take a ride and have a drink
And I'll help you to unwind


I'll be "Mr get even"
If only for the night
Whisper you sweet nothins'
When we hold each other tight
Let's rub hearts like two lovers
As we lose some sleep tonight
And I'll be Mr Get Even
But only for the night

(verse two)

In the mornin' I'll sweep out the ashes
Of the love we burned all night
And remind you to remember
I was just your shining knight
So turn around and say goodbye
Cause you evened up the score
Another happy ending
Walked right out my door