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"A Talk With Man Get Out - Interview / Review"

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One of the joys of running your own live event is having the final say on what bands to approach. Its a perk of the job that you find yourself looking through your “book of glorious band’s” and stumble across one that you know you have just got to see on a personal level. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing a majority of the bands i have a keen interest in, and none more so than one of Liverpool’s finest, MAN-GET-OUT. They simply come alive when they are on stage with their electric sound of progressive rock/techno music. They have everything in their armoury to make 2010 an even better year than 2009, and with that in mind BAND IN A BOX caught up with Dan, Rob, Chris and Joe for a chat about this years highlights and what the future may hold for them.

Band In A Box : Firstly, thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us. From the outside looking in, it seems to have been a fantastic debut year for you all. How would you assess how things have been going of late?

Man Get Out : Swimmingly! We’ve just done our last gig of what has been a busy first year of Man Get Out.

Band In A Box : You’ve been gaining a growing fan base at your gigs in Liverpool due to your energetic and tight knit live performances. How have you and your music been received further afield?

Man Get Out : It’s always hard going out of town and performing to complete strangers, but we’ve had some really positive comments. When someone you don’t know comes asking for a CD or a T-shirt, you know that they must like what you’re about. We’ve had emails as far afield as Sao Paulo asking for CDs and recently a DJ from Portugal wanted to ask us could he play our stuff over there! We love playing to new crowds, we’ve got a gig in Norway planned for next year.

Dan : Yeah I really wanna do a gig in Japan too!

Band In A Box : Who are your musical influences and are you all lovers of the same music or do you all have a diverse love for different styles?

Man Get Out : We all have our own personal influences, so it is quite diverse. We don’t aim to write in a particular style but we do seem to go through phases of each others influences. Joe and Dan do the bulk of the initial writing and at the moment they’re influenced quite heavily by Incubus, Muse, Radiohead etc. But when it comes to putting the arrangement together, Rob and Chris bring their ideas forward and the song begins evolve. It’s a massive collective process and you’re never sure where it will end up!

Band In A Box : Standout track for me is “Something a bit different” where i feel there is amazing musicianship and harmonies in abundance. What’s your favourite track and why?

Dan : For me it changes all the time, depending on how I feel.

Chris : Yeah, I also don’t have a steady favourite. At the moment I love our track ‘Ceasefire’ – we’ve opened quite a few shows with it, and I love the energy we get from the crowd whilst we’re playing it. I also love our slower stuff though – ‘Red’ in particular is a blast to play!

Rob : Yeah I suppose that’s the good thing about having a few different styles! My favourite is ‘Something a Bit Different’ I always loved the close harmony stuff of the Beatles and the Beach Boys so really wanted us to fit that somewhere, and that song was quirky enough that we could get away with it!

Band In A Box : I’ve noticed how one of your songs ( Doppler ) has been used by Sony for a PS3 game called Hustle Kings. How did that come about and has this had a positive affect on the band regarding promotion to a wider audience?

Man Get Out : It was all a bit of a chance occurrence really. Someone from Sony was at the gig, who had been invited by a friend of ours… he needed some music for the game and asked us could he use that song. It all happened really quickly, as they were pushing to get the game trailer ready for a conference in LA. We managed to get quite a bit of publicity for it and get the name out there, but like we say it flew by so fast we probably didn’t take advantage of it as much as we could at the time.

Band In A Box : What’s been your favourite performance this year,and no it doesn’t have to be our BAND IN A BOX event!!!

Dan : Our Halloween show at the Zanzibar was quite fun, we picked the lineup, the atmosphere was buzzing, and we had a really good time playing alongside all our friends.

Chris : Also, we carved ‘Man’, ‘Get’, and ‘Out’ into three separate pumpkins and put light bulbs in each one. It looked Well Good!

Joe : Heebie Jeebie’s courtyard in the summer sun was the one for me, we were all still majorly hungover from a really heavy night but the weather was great, the girls looked great and it had an uber cool vibe.

Rob : The free bbq helped our hangovers too!

Chris : I wasn’t hungover at all, but it was a cool show for me as it was a great return to the real world after I’d been living in my van in a field, working at a festival for the past month!

Rob : For me, it does have to be the Band In The Box event! That was our first gig, the people at Keyhole did a great job in running the night and we’d worked so hard in the months leading to that day. We’re still in touch with some of the people we met on that night , you don’t normally get that kind of camaraderie at other nights.

Band In A Box : What plans do you have for next year, are there any e.p’s/ albums on the horizon that you can tell your fans to look out for?

Man Get Out : We’ve got lots of stuff in the pipeline, a video we shot will be going live in December. We’re awaiting the mixes on our first properly recorded EP which we’re hoping will be ready for download early in the New Year.

Band In A Box : If you could be the main support band for any band past or present, who would it be and why?

Man Get Out : It’s probably a bit of the cliché but to play with Queen would have been immense! I also heard they put on the most extravagant aftershow parties for everyone involved, it’d probably be worth it just for the party!

Already booked for 2010 are a couple of events to look out for at The Zanzibar club ( 23rd Jan ) and Liverpools o2 academy ( 13th Feb ) and im sure plenty more are to follow. Daniel Ellenberg has one of the finest live voices around, while Robert Owen on the piano has that natural ability to link the songs together that give Man Get Out their definitive sound. Joe Lowton is an accomplished bass player with a voice that would probably see him walk into most bands as the front man,but compliments Daniel’s even more so. And finally Chris Pusey has a glorious style and action to his drums that makes all their ideas become a reality and is the heartbeat of the bands music. Individually they are quality musicians. But together they have binded their influences to create something unique, something special, something only Man Get Out could do. - Band in a


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