An ancient dialect that naturally fits with minimal piano riffs and few guitar chords. Tom carve out amazing melodies from old oral stories. This makes Grenouille something new. This is "Igbayua".


Tom Ozzy recorded four albums in Ivory Coast. He was led to success by "Un Mot” performed at KORA AWARDS 2004. Then he moved to Italy where he met “Lo Straniero” and together formed “Grenouille”. In 2007 their first demo was noticed by RADIO1 RAI and they had been interviewed, airplayed and asked to take part to a very big summer festival in Calabria where Tom won the "Best Voice Award”. In the same year they were invited by Robert Brazza on radio AFRICA N°1. Grenouille's influences are english alternative music artists like Nick Cave, Coldplay’s first album and SigurRos.


Tom Ozzy's albums: ATO NAYOU (1995), BENEDICTION (1997), DANON DJEKOU (1999), UN MOT (2003).
Lo Straniero's album: FRAMMENTI (2002).
Grenouille releases: GRENOUILLE ep (2006), LE ROI INTELLIGENT ep (2007), DIX PRIERES (2009).

Set List

Guitar acoustic: CORT AD810
Piano: ROLAND RD 300 GX
Additional keyboards: iPad + AKAI MPK MINI PROFESSIONAL