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“It’s rare to hear a band, and especially an American band, playing a heavy type of music that is so completely melodic and accessible and… to clumsily coin a word… sing-alongable. This music is definitely radio-friendly, and I don’t mean that in the insulting sense of the term. I mean that this music has the potential to be enjoyed by a wide variety of music fans, with tastes ranging from pop to rock to metal. So I hope you’ll give Gretchen a chance, and “in the mean time” I just may look up their two earlier releases.”

Bill Dunning

- Bill Dunning

"Travis Wyrick"

Gretchen’s new release “In The Meantime” takes the band to a new musical maturity level. The album showcases their ability to create strong hooks and a creative blend of music. This CD is a must hear!

Travis Wyrick, award winning producer, engineer,POD,Disciple, Pillar,Superchick
- Producer

"HM Magazine"

"Fans of the Italian band Lacuna Coil will have something to sink their teeth into (minus the dualing vocals of course)......the album pretty much retains a somewhat dark, doomy and ethereal vibe throughout. Just about everything Travis Wyrick has touched lately shines. This is no exception.

The Kern County Kid
HM (Heavy Music) Magazine - HM Magazine

"CM Retailer Magazine"

About "Mouth Full of Nails"

"Gretchen's second album rocks with forceful intensity. Travis Wyrick's well-balanced production yields a churning inferno of power chords, cold steel bass, and hammering drums, swirling around Mia Richards' siren vocals firing out lyrics that demand attention..."

"Hot numbers include "Diamonds," "Inclined".... and a sharp-as-a-razor cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding". Metal and Gothic fans will love this." - CM Retailer Magazine


"Gretchen caught my eye last year, after a very close friend told me they were worth checking out. Soon enough, my curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to check them out for myself...and I'm glad I did."

"The great thing about the songs on Mouth Full of Nails is that they're instantly catchy. You could be listening to one of these tracks for the first time and be singing along at the end. It's true, while Gretchen maintains a steady heaviness to their music, they also incorporate a decent pop sensibility that works very well in their favor. What does this mean, you ask? It means that if your girlfriend wanted to go see them in concert, you'd get into it as well...maybe even more! And that's not a bad thing by any means!

Mia Richards, the band's vocalist and bassist, still proves that in the rock world, gender really isn't an issue. Seriously, she can belt it out with the best of them. And it's not this "La-dee-da-dee-da" kinda stuff either, this girl can get down! Her vocals, and lyrics, are both straight to the point and delivered without any hesitation. Confidence DOES make for a better record, ladies and gentlemen."

- Mouth Full of Nails

"Kingsport Times News - GoTricities Review"

..."Each one of Gretchen's songs are great modern rock originals teeming with passion. I was equally impressed
with Mia’s ability to play bass guitar and sing. That’s a tall order for most players, but evidently,
there is no end to this girl’s desire to sing her songs...if you haven't heard her sing, you’re missing
something very special".

David Cate: Director of New Media
Kingsport Times News - GoTricities Review

- David Cate


CURRENT RELEASE " In the Mean Time" available for purchase at FYE stores, several bookstore chains (through Central South Distribution) and at
First single "Fading" #15 Radio and Records National charting
2nd single "Passion" #19 on Radio and Records National charting
3rd single "Zion" release date Jan 1st 2006

"Mouth Full of Nails"2001
Singles released to radio:
Mouth Full of Nails (Title song)
Ordinary Girl


Feeling a bit camera shy


Originally from Tennessee,Gretchen's has played shows in 28 US states and in Canada and currently have
radio airplay in 70 cities in 25 different states.
Both of the first two singles "Fading" and "Passion" (from the CD "In the Mean Time") were top 20 hits on
the National Radio and Records Christian Rock charts.
"In the Mean Time" was produced by three time Dove Award winner Travis Wyrick.
Wyrick is highly acclaimed for his production with the bands P.O.D., PILLAR, DISCIPLE, Superchick and 10 years
Gretchen was featured on the cover of Heaven's Metal Magazine Jan/Feb 2005
Gretchen was one of six finalist winners (out of 1000 entries) who competed in the 2005 IMWS Competition
sponsored by Billboard Magazine.
Four songs from Gretchen's first CD "Mouth Full of Nails have also received national recognition.
The song "Star" was used in a Ford Motor Company Ford Ranger promotion and 3 other songs have received an
honorable mention in the 12th annual Billboard International Songwriting Contest (rock/alternative category).