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There are not enough rebels in the singer/songwriter community. Tony Grace blends the intimacy of the acoustic performance with the ferocity and danger of punk rock. The result is a guttural exploration into the darker side of the songwriters soul.


Tony Grace is not your average singer/songwriter. He is a unique artist with a talent for amalgamating melodious pop sensibilities with edgy lyrical content. Prosody falls flat for Tony, who is quick to write beautiful musical arrangements and juxtaposition them with storyboards concerning suicide, drug abuse and sadomasochism. While in the hands of a less capable artist, this effect may seem exploitive, yet Grace exudes an honest and natural connection with his audience.

In short, Tony Grace provides rebel spirit in an industry growing increasingly tame.

Never one to conform to fashionable standards, Tony set himself apart at a young age by exploring musical artists not so readily appreciated by his peers. Led Zeppelin, Bruce Springsteen and The Rolling Stones may not have been in vogue during Grace's formative years, but their exuberance and free spirit spoke volumes beyond the more mundane message of the grunge movement. Listening to these legendary artists made Tony realize he would never be content in simply being their audience. He needed to participate. Tony was given his first guitar on his fourteenth birthday and has never looked back.

After stints at Berklee College of Music in Boston and Musician's Institute in Los Angeles, Tony settled in New York City where his talents as a guitar player landed him on national tours with acts such as Disney artist Kristy Frank and recording artist Stacy Rock.

Today, Tony Grace can be found performing as a solo artist in and around New York City where he continues to hone his craft of writing infectious hook-driven songs. He often cites his style as a cocktail with equal parts Tom Waits, Joan Jett, Buddy Guy, Johnny Thunders, Iggy Pop, and a dash of the Cure.
Shake vigorously and you get the intoxicating mix known as Tony Grace, and in this case, you can feel free to enjoy irresponsibly.



Written By: Tony Grace

Money in your back pocket is 'bout all you can trust
Might as well keep walking, here ain't no bus
That beauty's gettin' harder the closer she nears
She's been here too long, for too many years

Step outside and your so far from home, this town was built on scandals and loans

Everyone does lunch here, but nobody eats
They feed off the souls underneath their feet
Remember nothings sacred and you'll get the knack
Want my advice? The knife goes in the back

Ain't no sign of life on this here boulevard, Might as well be driving halfway 'round Mars

If you could, Hollywood
Might feel so good, Hollywood

You can see the ocean, but you can't reach the sea
You can taste the poison from the apple tree
If you're here to deal, you'll probably stay afloat
Here for glory, better watch your throat

Ain't no sign of life on this here boulevard, You ain't even driving the right car

If you could, Hollywood
Might feel so good, Hollywood

Pack up your life into a burlap sack
Hitch a ride from Kansas, never ever look back
Stay a little while and home will seem so far
Stay a little longer, forget who you are

Might seem like a far, far cry
Millions try, well guess what honey, millions die

If you could, Hollywood
Misunderstood, Hollywood


Written By: Tony Grace

The spirit of the radio flies over the airwaves and roars into symphonic crash
The humbled voices wail like Irish banshees singing a hymn of a love that's past
The strophic lines dig up tired, old pictures that should have been thrown away long ago
They attach themselves just like permanent fixtures, you'd deny them but they're all that you know

Outside the downtown dreamers are calling out old names, A eulogy in the rain

And the love that we had, went from so good to bad, there's no where to go, Funeral
And these pictures of you, have outlived their use, I'm letting go

And the radio's been saying I've been holding on, I've been holding on for way too long

The turmoil keeps the rhythm turning and turning, to the point where straight can't see the line
Through the days and nights there's a heartache concerning the inner cravings of the mind
There's no one out there that's denying the heart knows just where to choke
But just because something is bright and shining doesn't mean it ain't broke

Outside the downtown dreamers are calling out old flames, A eulogy in pain

And these pictures of you, have outlived their use, I'm letting go, Funeral
And the fire that burned, now just ashes in urns, there's nothing to know, Funeral

And the radio's been saying I've been holding on, I've been holding on for way too long

Nowhere left for us to go, buried your love at a funeral

Set List

Dead To Me
Nothing Feels Right
Steel Disease
Tried To Kill Myself Today
Little Red Corvette (Cover)*
Arms Of Control
10,000 Light Years
Black Leather

Nine song set generally lasts 40 - 45 minutes. Set can be extended to 11 songs at about one hour.

*Covers rotate to accommodate atmosphere. They include:
Little Red Corvette - Prince
Ghost of Tom Joad - Bruce Springsteen
I've Been Everywhere - Johnny Cash
Faithfully - Journey
I've Got the Blues - The Rolling Stones