Grey Anne

Grey Anne


Catchy, emotional psychadelic folk. Played by one charming and coordinated girl who uses a looping pedal to make layered arrangements. Grey Anne's live act provides crowd engagement, unpredictable banter and hints here and there of theater and jazz.


Anne Adams has been a mainstay of the Portland indie-pop scene since the early 2000’s, where, booking under the name Per Se, she gradually built a niche as a “musician’s musician,” a consistent source of music that both satisfies and challenges. Adams’ songs are mysteriously almost as hard to sing, as they are to forget.

In 2008, on the cusp of a long-promised CD release, after morphing her act into an all-girl band and then paring it back to a solo show, Anne assumed the moniker “Grey Anne,” in tribute to an accidental childhood nickname, but also in reference to the emotional and mental grey area that her music best inhabits.

In November of '08, Grey Anne published facts n figurines, which won regular airplay on Oregon Public Broadcasting, made the Womenfolk Top Albums of '08 list, and won two endorsements from MTV Brasil.


album: facts n figurines
singles: Darling Don't You Go--Failing Records Compilation 2009

"Adelaide"--PDX Pop Now! 2004, Heckfest Compilation 2002

"You Left Too Soon"--Ross Island Bridge 2009

Set List

I cater my set list to a given crowd, so any of these parameters are subject to change:

duration: 30-50 minutes
trajectory: Sets usually start with something simple/crowd-pleasing/major, and then develop into more minor/hypnotic/emotional content, and then resurface into triumphal closing numbers.

song list:

"facts n figurines" songs:
golden ratio
flapjack devilfish flies again
last call
the sun
the liking
naughty heart clean heart
chinese new year

one hour
lilies of the field
o my soul
darling don't you go
shut up not me
romance story

mercy street (peter gabriel)
the secret of life (dead milkmen)
the book of love (magnetic fields)