Greyaye combines honest lyrics with memorable and intricate harmony and melody. His approach to songwriting is often experimental yet the music remains very accessible. In Greyaye you find variation and originality which is truelly refreshing.


Greyaye is the solo project of musician/producer Greg Jackson.

Greg was given the name Greyaye by his sister Hannah when she was very young and just beginning to speak. "Gregory" was too difficult for her to say so she settled for calling him something which sounded similar and was much easier, this word was Greyaye! Hannah rarely calls Greg, "Greyaye", nowadays but even so, he decided to write music under this name because it is unique and true to him and reminiscent of happy, carefree days growing up.

Greg has been writing songs since 2001 when he was 16. Between 2003 and 2006 Greg studied Creative Music Technology at the University of Hull, Scarborough Campus. His time here proved extremely influential as not only was he introduced to many different types of composition and new production techniques; Scarborough as a place was beautiful. The coastal scenary and people, both fellow students and locals, had a big impact on his life and music.

Greyaye's musical influences include:
Doves, Sigur Ros, Kings of Convenience, Sufjan Stevens, Elbow, Alfie, Belle and Sebastian, The Who, Stone Roses, Steve Reich, Snowpatrol


The Mammoth Task (12 Track Album out soon)
Waiting For The Sunshine (2 Track single relased in May 2007)
The Time and the Place E.P. (4 Track E.P. released 2005)

Set List

All original songs. Total performance time varies between 20mins and 1 hour depending on gig restrictions