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"It's not uncommon for young bands to have wide-screen ambitions, but it's far more rare for a band to project an accomplished, melodic, and sweeping cinematic vision on their first album." - CITY PAGES (VILLAGE VOICE) - Village Voice

"The aptly named quartet sounds tailor-made for a shadowy, black-and-white art-house film soundtrack. Its dark Anglopop veers from Coldplay-like drama to Radiohead 'Bends'-era storminess." - STAR TRIBUNE - Star Tribune

"Soaring anglophile rock n' roll, equal parts rainy-day Manchester and snow-day Minneapolis in feel. If your listening diet lacks in grandeur, Greycoats are the perfect musical multi-vitamin." - TWIN CITIES METRO (MAGAZINE) - METRO Magazine

"The album's moodiness and overall melancholy aren't products of classic Douglas Sirk films from the 1950s, but rather a more abstract from of transcendentalism (recall Henry David Thoreau) in a cinematic context. Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy, think of a more consistently mellow Mute Math or a more ballad-filled Keane."-Tan Man, Dorks & Losers - Dorks & Losers

To weave almost seamlessly playful pop rock with ambitious art rock takes gusto as well as brains. The outcome is a eleven track, forty-eight minute symphonic work of art called “Setting Fire To The Great Unknown.” It’s hard to deny that this is at least something truly special. - Kata Rokkar


Setting Fire To The Great Unknown (2008)



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