Grey Dealer

Grey Dealer


Grey Dealer is a loud-ass, stage pounding, modern politico prog/metal trio from Northeast OH. This high energy monstrosity sounds like Dream Theater meets the Red Hot Chili Peppers with an Eddie Vedder vocal.


Formed in early Fall 2005, Grey Dealer brings a fresh approach to the Northeast Ohio original metal scene by fusing political themes with a progressive metal edge. Created by vocalist/drummer Tim Harrigan (formerly of four foot francis) and guitarist Jim Putnam, the band takes an active approach in illuminating social injustice while assaulting your brain with screaming riffs, pounding rhythms and penetrating vocals.
The duo searched for a high-caliber bassist to round out their demanding rhythm section. They found what they were looking for in mid-November, adding the maddening thump of Bob Boak (former bassist of Plunge).

Harrigan's powerful vocal and dynamic rhythms put a soulful feel over a rock solid foundation. Putnam loads the sound with masterful guitar riffs and extreme textures. Boak's explosive bass playing forges a rarified progressive binding that sends Grey Dealer's sound over the top. Together they deliver an intense message over a high-octane sound that is Grey Dealer.


Five song demo

Set List

One set: 1hr 10min.

Nation Builders and Gunfighters
N.O. Take
This Side of Town
Jaded Face
Slick n' Waxy (Instrumental)
All I Wanna Do... (Is Get Away From You)
When It's Gone
Since Thursday
Come With Me