Grey Dealer

Grey Dealer


Grey Dealer is a loud-ass, stage pounding, modern politico prog/metal trio from Northeast OH. This high energy monstrosity sounds like Mozart meets Rage Against The Machine with an Eddie Vedder vocal.


Formed in early Fall 2005, Grey Dealer brings a fresh approach to the Northeast Ohio original metal scene by fusing political themes with a progressive metal edge. Created by guitarist Jim Putnam and vocalist/drummer Tim Harrigan (formerly of four foot francis) , the band takes an active approach in illuminating social injustice while assaulting your brain with screaming riffs, pounding rhythms and penetrating vocals.
The duo searched for a high-caliber bassist to round out their demanding rhythm section. That is when Pat (P.J.)Lane jumped into the fray.

Harrigan's powerful vocal and dynamic rhythms put a soulful feel over a rock solid foundation. Putnam loads the sound with masterful guitar riffs and extreme textures. Lanes explosive bass playing forges a rarified progressive binding that sends Grey Dealer's sound over the top. Together they deliver an intense message over a high-octane sound that is Grey Dealer.


5 song demo

Set List

One set: 1hr 25min.

Nation Builders and Gunfighters
N.O. Take
This Side of Town
Jaded Face
Slick n' Waxy (Instrumental)
All I Wanna Do... (Is Get Away From You)
When It's Gone
Since Thursday
Come With Me