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The best kept secret in music


“This is the type of infectious music that creates volume creep: the listener
keeps turning it up until everyone in the house/apartment has to tune in or
leave.” “Words like "lo-fi" and "power pop" decorate Grey Does Matter's press
materials, but they only provide a partial clue to how catchy How to Make
Millions in Real Estate is.” - All Music Guide

“It really does, you know. Matter, I mean. Grey does.” …[Grey Does Matter]
has all the earmarks of modern indie power-pop: a sort of hi-lo-fi production
value, gigantic hooks and melodies, dense gleaming sheets of guitar and synths…” - Pitchfork Media

"This is the kind of rock record we worried they didn’t make anymore. ... Kicking off like a black and white Iggy Pop/Lou Reed love scene in a forgotten Andy Warhol film and slowly degenerating from there into a wriggling knot of garage rock, wonky synth noise and lo-fi power pop, It somehow calls to mind the Walkmen, the Faint, Matthew Sweet and Ween at the same time. It’s power pop for people who hate power pop. Look, I don’t know what the hell it is. But it rocks. And you should get it" - Performing Songwriter

“…melodies seem to ooze out from each song, unforced. Grey Does Matter
brings it back to the AM end of the radio dial in his simple approach and focus
on solid songwriting over envelope pushing, but the results are sunny and
noteworthy. Let’s hope this baby never grows up.” - Lost At Sea

“Power-pop fanatics should keep an eye on Grey Does Matter; the band has the songs and the quirk appeal." - Time Out NY

"This is one of my favorite pop bands right now. When I first heard this record it didn't take long to know it would be one of my favorite titles of 2004. With pop that doesn't stop and hooks big enought to catch a big mouth bass, and with songs that at times remind me of Weezer's Blue Record and hints of the pixies your sure to fall in love." -

“As if it was preprogrammed with a digital encyclopedia of pop hooks & machines that feed beats & synths as if it were a secret weapon, GDM will sneak into your head and hatch melodies that will resurface in the form of a hum or foot tap for days.” -

"For those of you who would love a band who could take the best parts of
Grandaddy & mash it up with Ben Kweller, these guys from New York are
your wet dream!" -

"Grey Does Matter, 'How to Make Millions in Real Estate'. A sound that combines the styles of Matthew Sweet, The Eels and a side of Dntel. [It] Doesn't sound like it should work, but then again, I bet people didn't think owning property in Williamsburg would work out so well either. The independent release created an audible murmer among those in the music community who still have no idea what to make of the punk-pop-triphop-rock-grunge-alternative-techy combination of styles that make up this unique and daring undertaking." -

"When listening to Grey Does Matter, picture Ben Kweller, Mike Park, and the quirky side of Beck. HOW TO MAKE MILLIONS IN REAL ESTATE has the power to become a cross over hit. The album is catchy, groovy, and a good way." - Skratch Magazine


How To Make Millions In Real Estate (2004) on Jankomatic. Rock Delivery System EP (2004) on JankoMatic. Your Job Will Kill You (Oct. 2006) on Pop Rally/Wheatfield/Fontana


Feeling a bit camera shy


On their own DIY label, Grey Does Matter sold over 5,000 copies of their critically acclaimed 2004 debut. The band’s take on pop music has been described as having “Giant hooks…” (Pitchfork), and having “Quirk appeal…” (Time Out New York). The band has shared the stage with Secret Machines, The Honorary Title, and The Minders. Songs off the debut album have been licensed by MTV, Sirius Satellite Radio, Fox TV, and for a Nintendo Gamecube game. Their sophomore album titled Your Job Will Kill You was produced by Werner F (The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart) and is slated for release in fall 2006 on Pop Rally! Records, marketed and distributed by The Wheatfield Group/Fontana Distribution, respectively.