Grey Does Matter

Grey Does Matter


Elevator pitch? We hope to never pitch our band in an elevator. It would probably take 1/2 the elevator ride just to identify the person then another 10 seconds to introduce yourself . So, you're really only left with 20 seconds or so to solidify that multi-million dollar record deal.


On their own DIY label, Grey Does Matter sold over 5,000 copies of their critically acclaimed 2004 debut. The band’s take on pop music has been described as having “Giant hooks…” (Pitchfork), and having “Quirk appeal…” (Time Out New York). The band has shared the stage with Secret Machines, The Honorary Title, and The Minders. Songs off the debut album have been licensed by MTV, Sirius Satellite Radio, Fox TV, and for a Nintendo Gamecube game. Their sophomore album titled Your Job Will Kill You was produced by Werner F (The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart) and is slated for release in fall 2006 on Pop Rally! Records, marketed and distributed by The Wheatfield Group/Fontana Distribution, respectively.


How To Make Millions In Real Estate (2004) on Jankomatic. Rock Delivery System EP (2004) on JankoMatic. Your Job Will Kill You (Oct. 2006) on Pop Rally/Wheatfield/Fontana

Set List

Sets last as long as needed. We play songs off our albums.