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Daytona Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
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"Key West Songwriters Festival Launches NEW Greye CD"

PRLog - May 8, 2015 - DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- 'GREYE', a highly acclaimed band hailing from Daytona Beach, Florida, is excited to be invited to perform at The Key West Songwriters Festival, where they will launch their second CD, 'The Tube' on Saturday, May 9th at 8:00pm.

Celebrating its 20th year, the Key West Songwriters Festival is the largest festival of its kind in the world. The event is being held at the Smokin' Tuna Saloon - Key West's premier music venue. Since 1997, BMI has been a presenting sponsor of the festival and has helped it grow into both a tourist attraction and favorite of island locals. The festival revolves around five days and nights, where live music is showcased through the stories behind the songs. And in this case, the interesting and conceptual lyrics of GREYE will surely be a standout.

The Florida-based group of musicians is comprised of five members: Hannah Summer (vocals), Jett Wolfe (guitar and vocals), Josh Reid (bass and vocals), Ray Grimard (drums and percussion), and Ken-e Williams (keyboards and vocals). Greye intertwines traditional acoustic folk instruments with additional guitar influences and you may pick up on the sounds of John Butler, Brian May, or Greg Lake, Steely Dan, Traffic, Motown or the prog rock sounds of YES.

The NEW CD 'The Tube' is a fresh collection of tunes from Greye, and is their second. Consisting of 14 cohesive tracks, the 'spirit of the London train' is echoed throughout the concept CD, especially in the title track, 'The Tube'. Hannah Summer's distinctive voice stands out in 'Devils School' and 'Cellophane'. Fans of the band will enjoy that free downloads of all songs on 'The Tube' will be available on both Reverbnation and via their website starting 5/9 at

To quote Jon Allred, of Indie Music Lives Here,
'forget 50 shades, one dose of Greye is all you need'!

LadyLake Music - LadyLake Music

"Many Shades of GREYE"

I have always said you can tell a lot about a band by the songs they cover. Often times with a new original indie band, that task is harder because they want to release only their work and let the listener decide. I came across a new band recently from Florida that is so confident in their own music that they have included a cover on their debut album. Was it a conscious decision to nudge the listener in a particular direction? I suspect so. The band is called Greye out of Daytona Beach, Florida. At first glance the band appears to be a traditional folk based unit but if you think that, you would be sorely mistaken. Greye combines elements of folk, R&B, Americana, jazz and rock into a style all their own they call progressive Americana music. Greye has the unique ability to weave complex melodies, intricate lyrics and hypnotic vocals into a brand of indie pop that is accessible and highly enjoyable. The production is first rate and I would expect Greye to attract a legion of new fans with this debut release.

The cover song included on “Providence” is a tune made popular before most of the members of the band were born. The song is ‘What I Am’ which was a minor hit for Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians back in 1988. The song is covered flawlessly and melds seamlessly with the original compositions on the album. All that being said, one of the most interesting things about Greye is the songwriting itself and where it comes from. The principal songwriter for the band is a seventeen year old high school student named Hannah Summer who also sings lead vocals for the band. An interesting fact that in and of itself is not earth shattering but listening to “Providence” you hear a maturity and polish you would not expect from a group of young adults.

Knowing what I know about the band, I could draw comparisons to Victor Frankenstein and his trusty knave, Igor. You see, the drummer in GREYE is a seasoned veteran in the music business some 20+ years senior to the rest of the band but it works remarkably well. Ray Grimard has instilled a work ethic in these young adults and tolerates nothing but professionalism in his charges. Ray knows what it takes to be a success in the industry and the other members of the band may not know how lucky they truly are to have Ray in their corner.

There are several bright moments on “Providence” beginning with the opening track ‘Greye’ which establishes a groove consistent throughout the entire album. ‘Josephine’, ‘I Love You’ and the title track ‘Providence’ are all radio ready and aurally scintillating. In the indie rock or alt-folk or progressive folk movement, Greye stands out as a band to watch.

Check out GREYE music - The Mad Music Asylum


"In a music world that tends to be driven by top forty artists and high budget record label marketing, it is refreshing to hear a band that is rising above the mundane to produce a sound that is both new and at the same time drawing on the hit sounds of the 70's and 80's. Soul Traveller Radio has added two tracks from Greye's new album Providence into high rotation. The band's namesake song, Greye and Songbird deliver conscious lyrics, telling it like it is with no desire to cushion the impact, and a solid vocal performance by the two lead singers Hannah Summer and Jett Wolfe. The album also includes one of the funkiest versions of Edie Brickell's What I Am that we have heard. A great way to round out an album that will find its way to repeat on your iPod."

Shayne Locke
Soul Traveller Radio, Chevron Island, Australia - Shayne Locke


"Greye is the perfect example of why I personally love to discover independent musicians, who are out there sacrificing what they have and opening their hearts to the world, all for the dream of sincere music... "Providence" is an original, poetic and refreshing new album, full of strong societal commentary and sentimental subjects that are distinguishable and relatable to many young people. The amazing dedication and collaboration between all members of the band "Greye" took freshly written verses and applied them to fresh melodies, instantaneously and collectively creating beautiful songs..."

David Inestroza
Chessboard Radio, Boston, MA - David Inestroza

"One Dose of GREYE"

"Do yourself a favor and check out Greye, they are sure to stick around and keep you grooving with a fresh funky sound! They mix her melodic voice beautifully with the male counterparts to the point of genius, forget 50 shades, one dose of Greye is all you need at the end of the day to unwind and lose yourself to a music masterpiece... I can't describe how each song went deep inside and hit right where I needed it to. The sound they have I can only be describe as funky chill soul awesomeness!"

Jon Allred
Indie Music Lives Here, Portland, Oregon - Jon Allred


"Enlightening, Talented, Unique, and a true Wake-Up call to all others in the "Progressive Folk" Music Industry. Four Words that are just the beginning for this 4-Piece band extraordinaire! Give them a listen and you may just be surprised on how quickly your ears will be filled with their full impact!"

Ms. V
BWD Radio, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, FL - Ms. V


"Providence" is a great debut release from Greye, Hannah Summer's vocals joined by Jett Wolfe and Joshua Reid, pull you into each song. "Providence" is not one of those albums you put on for background music, it is one you want to listen to and enjoy the lyrics and arrangement of each song."

Front Range Radio, Colorado Springs, CO - Tim from Front Range Radio


"From the first track (Greye) to the last track (Momma) the listener is treated to many interesting and refreshing approaches to traditional folk and R&B. Solid back-beats and just the right amount of guitar keep the groove going throughout the album."

Symphonic Distribution, Tampa, FL - Chelsea Perrry

"Ultimate Musician A&R Music Award"

Ultimate Musician A&R Music Award
Awarded by BEAT100 A&R Team for being one of the most outstanding musicians on the BEAT100.
This is the highest and rarest music award given on BEAT100.

Read the Article: - Amy Reid

"GREYE - Folk Music's Progressive Offspring!"

How often is it that you get to spend time with one of the most eclectic, rhythmic, groovy, refreshing and best bands in your area; leaving you with a feeling, like you’ve been best friends with them since the dawn of time? How often is it that the drummer for a band; that you personally knew, had produced the infamous GG Allin, or that in a band’s 16-month lifespan, they’ve written and recorded twenty-eight (28) songs (enough for two complete albums), produced three music videos, planned an August 1, 2014 release of their first album titled Providence, and rehearse an average of twenty (20) hours a week?

When I, Lindsay Temple, sat down with the band GREYE; one cloudy Sunday evening, I couldn’t believe their charming dynamic, not only as phenomenal musicians or band-mates, but as individuals whose passion for what they do radiates from their very beings. GREYE formerly known as Locals Only, is a progressive folk band from Daytona Beach, Florida. The group is comprised of four members: Hannah Summer (vocals/guitar), Jett Wolfe (guitar/vocals), Josh Reid (bass/vocals), and Ray Grimard (drums/percussion). Hannah and Jett met in their high school guitar class. Bass player, Josh Reid, was added, and some time later, after their performance at their school’s Battle of the Bands, Ray Grimard approached them and asked if they’d want to include a drummer.

“They really didn’t want to play with a drummer at first, it took some convincing” laughs Ray, who is also a long time studio owner/producer and a teacher at the school. “I offered for them to come by my studio and jam, just to see what would happen.” Initially, Ray’s approach was to develop a sound then replace the drummer (himself) and he would just assume the role of producer and engineer. However, much to his surprise the band insisted that he stay on as both the producer and the drummer.

Sitting on the floor with them for those couple hours, I got a sense of why GREYE is receiving so much attention. The group brings a great deal of individuality. The song’s lyrics are the work of the lead singer Hannah Summer. Though only seventeen (17), Summer’s approach is as varied and carefully crafted as any songwriter twice her age. Dressed in ripped black jeans, high top Converse (no, really, they come up to her knees), and brown hair that had been dip dyed pink, it is clear that Hannah is a force behind the band that truly keeps them all together. “We don’t ever want to arrive,” Hannah said when I asked about the band’s goals. “I don’t want us to work just to be good enough, I want us to just be.”

The group doesn’t seem to ask for much, other than for the world to hear their music, and they absolutely deserve it. Musical influences from the likes of John Butler, Brian May, Greg Lake, Alex Lifeson, Steely Dan, Traffic, Motown and even YES give their music an incredibly unique and nearly indescribable sound. Beginning with a folk backdrop, their music is electrifying laden with intricate nostalgic melodies. An element of music, Ray says, that people are hungry for once again. They have rocked the crowds at the Ocean Deck in Daytona Beach, and the Daytona Beach Bandshell to name just a couple.

GREYE is also the Songwriters Association of America’s
current “featured artist.” GREYE has a phenomenal space in music, one that they’ve created all for themselves. If you get a chance do yourself a favor and catch GREYE live or by visiting any of the below contact information. You will find either experience very musically refreshing.

Contact Information:
Twitter: @GreyeMusic - Lindsay Temple/BWD Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



GREYE is made up of vocalist Hannah Summer, guitarist Jett Wolfe, bassist Joshua Reid, and drummer Ray Grimard. Since their inception in 2012 they have rocked crowds both locally and nationwide. They released their first album “Providence” in 2012, and since have gone on to release four more full-length LP’s, “The Tube” in 2015,” “The Worrier,” in 2016, “Windows” in 2017, and their latest release “Under The Weather.” With influences like John Butler Trio, Yes, Kansas, Ambrosia, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even video games, there is something in their ever-growing discography for everyone to enjoy, no matter your musical preference.

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