Grey Granite

Grey Granite

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
BandAlternativeHip Hop

Extremely eclectic & creative, high-energy duo, Grey Granite (vocalist) and J. Brookinz (producer), have switched gears and gone full speed into a new realm of music. Described in the blog world as Electro-Rhythm-Rock or aka, what you play to get bodies moving on the dance floor.


In a single word, Grey Granite is "badass". He�s that essential verse on a beat and the perfect spark at a show.
Grey Granite is an artist everyone needs to take notice of. Heavy Gun is the movement they shall join.

Grey Granite is a hard working musician, visual artist and blogger, and over the past year Grey�s music and his blog Heavy Gun have become the fastest growing artistic movement in Indianapolis. In that span of time, Grey has released 4 original singles including �Lay U Down�, �Off Safety�, �The Bar�, & �The Road�, and a mixtape featuring him remixing the Killers. Locally Grey can do no wrong, and on a broader level, his work has also garnered positive attention from the blogsphere. With a reputation for being on the edge of everything cool, Heavy Gun has a growing national visibility with strong footholds in California and New York. He�s one of the few names in Indy�s music scene that can consistently pack the house.

Because Grey Granite�s sound is forever evolving, it�s rather hard to pigeon-hole him into a genre; quite simply, he�s just a great musician. Grey started out a hip-hop emcee several years ago but has reemerged with a new sound that incorporates elements of electro, rock, pop, hip-hop, and whatever else he�s feeling that day.

With a strong local support base, growing national interest, and the creation of the Heavy Gun Entertainment music label, Grey Granite is ready to jump out of the Midwest and into every major market in the US and around the world.

The Heavy Gun movement is spreading rapidly.




Grey Granite Amplifies the Killers

Lay U Down (Single)

Off Safety (Single)

The Road (Single)

The Final Countdown to Bmore (Single)

The Bar (Single)

Got Soul (Single)

Set List

The typical Grey Granite set is usually a 30 - 45 minute performance of all original songs.

1. The Final Countdown to Bmore
2. Th Bar
3. Lay U Down
4. Girls Start Moving
5. The Road
6. Got Soul
7. Off Safety
8. Hy-pher