Grey Kingdom

Grey Kingdom


Grey Kingdom is one and it is many. It comes in the forms of songs and stories. Laughter has been heard bellowing from the audience, as well as sounds of sadness and comfort and calm. Grey Kingdom was never meant to be anything other than honest.


Grey Kingdom is the release of it all. Unabridged and heartfelt as ever, Attack in Black’s Spencer Burton found himself using this project as a medium for storytelling – a guiding light to his innermost sincerities. His latest album, Light I'll Call Your Name Out "Darkness" (Dine Alone Records), candidly reads as a memoir on its own; it holds brooding tales of romance, travel and loss – each texturally stripped down to a voice and a handful of instruments, while lyrically resonating with Burton’s affection for human interactions.


Light, I'll Call Your Name Out "Darkness" - 2012
The Weeping Suns - 2012
All The Shapeless/ Steady Hands - 2011
Eulogy of Her and Her and Her - 2011
The Grey Kingdom - 2010